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A 'Secret Supermoon' Is Coming Tonight - Here's What It Means For Your Life

Lauren Bell

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A 'Secret Supermoon' Is Coming Tonight - Here's What It Means For Your Life

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

A secret 'supermoon' will hit the skies tonight and according to astrologers, it's the ideal time to make important decisions and let go of all the negativity in your life.

If you're hoping to see the phenomenon, pack those telescopes away because this moon is so secret you cannot see it from earth. Sigh.

This is because the alignment of the moon with the sun and the Earth will leave the part of the moon facing us in complete darkness.

It is pretty unfortunate because super moons appear larger and brighter in the sky, but because it is a super new moon, it will be at its closest approach to Earth and the sun's glare will block it out.

Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

But while you may not be able to see it, it turns out you might be able to feel the power of it as it will mark a time of "fresh perspectives and new beginnings" according to NYC-based astrologer Lisa Stardust.

Lisa told PRETTY52: "It's about deciphering who and what values us and vice versa.

"We are making decisions about who we want to be friends or in a relationship with.

"We are letting people and situations go that are not worth our time and energy.

"It's all down to new moons not being visible, dubbed 'dark moons' - it means we've been left a little in the dark over our relationships and now it's time to make decisions."

Although this may be a tough task for many, she advises we approach with caution and refrain from using "harsh words".

Lisa added: "New Moons make us react impulsively, so try to think before you speak and access your intuition."

So now you've got the intel, it is time you started separating the positive things from the negative ones in your life.

The good news about this moon is that although nowhere to be seen tonight, it will be visible again tomorrow, appearing in the sky as a waxing crescent moon.

And not only that, this particular new moon has been predicted to cause a huge tidal wave down the River Severn.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The Severn bore is a world-famous phenomenon that happens in Gloucestershire, mostly on days immediately following new and full moons, where a large surge wave passes down to the estuary of the river.

However, the size of the waves depends on a variety of things, from the time of high tide to wind speed.

Tomorrow however is set to be a 'five star bore' which means the waves are set to be epic. The predictions are a height of 10.3 metres!

For years, surfers have tried to break the record for the longest surf, which currently stands at 7.6 miles - that wave was well and truly caught.

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Lauren Bell
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