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Dad Creates Incredible Lash Salon For His Wife And Daughter

Dad Creates Incredible Lash Salon For His Wife And Daughter

We all need a dad like Phil RN.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

One dad has absolutely won isolation (and parenting in general) by opening up an indoor lash salon for his wife and daughter.

We can't cope.

Like many, Scarlett Todhunter, 20, and her mum Jennifer, 50, were thinking about how isolation would affect their beauty regimes.

Accepting it was a "luxury", the mother and daughter duo were particularly gutted about not being able to get their lashes done while on lockdown.

Overhearing this, dad Phil, 49, immediately ordered a Russian lash kit online and set about training himself to become a makeshift lash technician.

Welcome to Phil's isolation salon (
Scarlett Todhunter)

After spending hours watching tutorials online, Phil, a contractor, built his own 'isolation salon' for his wife and daughter in their home in Cumbria, complete with Ibiza pool music for the ambience.


Posting the whole experience on Facebook, Scarlett's post has sine wracked up over 3.6 thousand likes and 2,000 shares with everyone saying what a 'lej' Phil is.

"I think you'll all agree for a second attempt, my full set (from scratch) of Russian express lashes are pretty bloody class. Love u dad - you are my hero," Scarlett wrote online.

Phil has become quite the pro at lashes (
Scarlett Todhunter)

Explaining how the idea came about, Scarlett, a traineee dental nurse, told Tyla: "We were having a discussion in the kitchen about our eyelashes and how sad we were not to be getting them done for the foreseeable.

"I'm classed as a key worker I was gutted to be going to work not feeling myself and not as 'put together' as I normally do as it gives me that extra confidence boost."

Scarlett went on: "On hearing this [dad Phil] came into the kitchen and went 'Oh don't be daft, just get the kit ordered and I'll do them'."

Scarlett said she and her mum Jennifer "laughed but then realised he was serious".

The dad did an amazing job on Scarlett's lashes! (
Scarlett Todhunter)
"We spent £80 on the full kit - tweezers, primer, lashes, the lot - and he spent days watching YouTube videos and reading forums," she went on.

"The first time he done mine he struggled and said it was a lot harder than he expected.

"By the second time he did mine I had no lashes on whatsoever and my expectations of the results were not high at all, but he did it and managed to pull off amazing full set of lashes with basically no training."

Scarlett finished: "He really is a super dad - not bad work for a contractor!"

We all need a dad like Phil.

Featured Image Credit: Scarlett Todhunter

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