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Men Like To Be Complimented More Than Women, Research Shows

Ciara Sheppard

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Men Like To Be Complimented More Than Women, Research Shows

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

We all like receiving compliments, right? But apparently not as much as men.

According to new research, our male counterparts are more likely to accept a bit of praise than us. Who'd have thought it?

The study, carried out by YouGov on behalf of retailer JD Williams, found that 52 per cent of women reject compliments altogether when given as opposed to 37 per cent of men.

The main reasons for not being able to accept a compliment was embarrassment (61 per cent), followed by not wanting to draw attention to themselves (55 per cent), feeling uncomfortable (47 per cent) or thinking the words weren't meant sincerely (38 per cent).

Interestingly, 45 per cent of people surveyed said a compliment had made them feel uncomfortable.

As for the types of compliments we like to receive, the results might surprise you.

Telling someone they look happy is a sure-fire way to make their day, while saying they seem intelligent or young for their age will also win you points.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Country to popular belief, complimenting someone on their weight loss will make them feel most uncomfortable, while praising their partner or kids won't win you any favours.

This is all according to new research which questioned over 2,000 people on their reaction to being given a compliment.

In terms of who we like receiving compliments off, it's unsurprising we feel the biggest pangs of joy when we get them off friends (75 per cent) and family (69 per cent), followed by partners (56 per cent), work colleagues (52 per cent), strangers (40 per cent) and children (36 per cent).

When quizzed on 'how' we like receiving compliments, most Brits agreed face-to-face is still best way to give a compliment (58 per cent), while 20 per cent said they'd be equally as likely to compliment someone on social media.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Suzi Burns, Head of Consumer PR for JD Williams said of the study: "Attitudes to compliments is an interesting area to explore, as most people's reactions to them are subconscious.

"However, as a whole, women generally feel uncomfortable accepting a compliment which is disheartening, as is how many women would describe themselves as 'insecure' (20 per cent)."

In all, it seems we (especially as women) need to get better at receiving compliments.

So here's some homework: next time someone pays you a compliment, instead of rejecting it, denying it or calling it silly, just say thanks.

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Ciara Sheppard
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