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Podcast Host Mocked Over Comments On Women's Hobbies

Podcast Host Mocked Over Comments On Women's Hobbies

The replies to this are hilarious!

TikTok users are the real MVPs this week, taking it upon themselves to put a podcast host in his place after a misogynistic clip from their show went viral on TikTok.

Jack Denmo, host of the podcast Good Bro Bad Bro asked in a recent episode of his show if his listeners knew any girls who "actually have hobbies."

Women were quick to share their own hilarious takes on the sexist video. Here's just one amazing example:

The podcast Good Bro Bad Bro is advertised as a show that helps "young men improve their dating/game, business and social life", including how to talk to girls, how to get a girlfriend, and being a man in your 20s.

Previous episodes of the podcast have seen the hosts complain about women who can't cook, discuss the importance of a woman who "keeps her body in check", and warn men to avoid crying in front of a woman at all costs.

Yep, sounds like stellar advice, guys...

While some TikTok users are sharing the video to mock it and play into the ridiculous idea that women don't have hobbies, others are questioning how many women these podcasters know at all.

Even celebrities are getting in on the fun. Doja Cat left her followers in stitches when she shared her own take on the outrageous podcast, joking that her only hobbies included eating and putting in a ponytail.

TikTok users are to be feared by any podcaster with sexist content, because this isn't the first time we've seen a misogynistic content creator get shut down by women who just weren't having it.

The hosts of the No Filter Pod went viral on TikTok last month when they shared a clip of their latest episode - but it didn't exactly win them the positive feedback they were expecting.

In the clip, presenters Anthony Casasanta and Nick Casasanta and Jason Girratano claimed that they would leave their partner if she "let herself go" after childbirth.

To see the response and read more about it, click here.

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