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Male Podcast Host Says He Would Leave Wife If She 'Let Herself Go' After Childbirth

Male Podcast Host Says He Would Leave Wife If She 'Let Herself Go' After Childbirth

Charming, isn't he?

A male podcast host has been subject to serious backlash after claiming that he would leave his wife if she "let herself go" after childbirth.

The hosts of the No Filter Pod had shared the comment to TikTok to promote their new show - but it didn't exactly win them the positive feedback they were expecting.

Watch the clip here:

The No Filter Pod, which first launched this January, is hosted by brothers Anthony Casasanta and Nick Casasanta and their friend Jason Girratano and carries the tagline: "Enjoy the controversy!"

So far, the three presenters have carved out a rather misogynistic niche for themselves, discussing topics like strippers, the superiority of "fitness chicks", and nice guys finishing last.

The No Filter Pod threesome have already received their fair share of negative reviews, but have so far stood by all of their comments. They have even made a few "call-out" videos targeting listeners who have accused them of promoting toxic masculinity.

Viewers are furious after listening to this podcast clip. (

However, the presenters were forced to disable comments on one of their videos about a woman's postpartum body, after facing an almighty backlash from listeners.

In the clip, still available to watch on their TikTok account, one of the presenters says: "If my wife lets herself go after I have kids with her, I’m going to tell her, once: ‘If you don’t get your s**t together.’

"I still want to be sexually attracted to my wife, to my spouse."

Very classy, don't you think?

Although the three boys have blocked outraged viewers from commenting, people are still reposting the video far and wide to share their thoughts.

One TikTok user named @chancejterry shared the video and added: "You're saying s**t like: If she lets herself go, if she gains too much weight, if she doesn't pretty herself up enough for you. Wake the f**k up, man. No one else is living their life specifically for your wants and needs."

The hosts of the show have shared some rather misogynistic ideas already. (

Another user by the name @seonglife said: "How dare you make them feel bad for having your child? You have no idea what women go through just to get pregnant. Once you're pregnant, you carry the baby for nine months with morning sickness... then they give birth. Postpartum is a real thing and they don't need you to shove that down their throat. Honour your spouse. Love your spouse unconditionally."

A third, called @advicewithashley stitched the video to say: "Who allowed these men to have these podcasts and say all this stupid s**t? I've seen so many of them lately and stop. Stop it. What? Your wife had a baby, and now she's physically and mentally going through a lot of changes and you're mad because she doesn't look the way she did before? And you think that's a reason to leave her?... You clearly don't know what true love is. And you're just out here embarrassing yourself for free."

We couldn't have said it better!

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