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Former primary school teacher shares three presents they don't want to receive this Christmas

Former primary school teacher shares three presents they don't want to receive this Christmas

She shared what NOT to get teachers this Christmas

A former primary school teacher has shared the three presents they don’t want to receive, as parents’ attention inevitably turns to end-of-year gifting.

As schools wrap up for Christmas, many parents will have that last minute dash to sort out a little something as a festive thank you.

It can often feel quite tricky, knowing many teachers will be inundated with chocolate and sweet treats, but that it can be difficult to know what else to get at this time of year.

Well, one former primary school teacher has at least shared the things educators don’t want to be given, and it may include a couple of pointers you had never thought of.

TikToker Natalie (@primaryfocus) posted a video, explaining in the caption: “If you’ve been in the classroom long enough you will have gotten one of these ‘gifts’ that’s not quite the blessing you hoped for.”

In the clip, she listed out the three presents teachers never want to receive, saying: “Here’s three gifts that teachers don’t want.

She shared a list of three things teachers don't want.

“Number one: anything in a Victoria’s Secret bag.

"I don’t care that you didn’t get them underwear, that lotion smells bad, and now you have a Victoria’s Secret bag on your desk.

“It's just awkward.

“Number two: an unannounced giant treat for the entire class.

“Listen, it’s cool that you wanna get everybody donuts, but you need to ask ahead when and if the teacher is okay with that.

“Because what it is for us is a giant sugar high from all of our kids, and then their sugar crash.

“It’s just way too much sugar, especially for the little guys.”

Natalia continued: “And last one: they don’t want your advances.

“I’ve had a few dads try to come to me over the years and it is uncomfortable.

“Remember, you’ve got the entire school year to work together. Maybe just go online and find someone.”

Anything in a Victoria's Secret bag is a no-go, even if it's not undies.

While some people slammed Natalie for being ‘ungrateful’, many could see her point of view.

One commented: “Please just shut up!!! Tell me this is a joke!?!? Imagine being ungrateful and picky about a gift that a child picks out!”

Someone else wrote sassily: “Maybe I just get them nothing then lol.”

But a third said: ‘Sugar can make them crazy, so it def needs to be planned.”

Another said: “The video has elements of truth. VS bags are awkward. As are advances, although that has never happened to me. Sugar treats are a win!!!”

A fifth wrote, diplomatically: “As a teacher, please don’t buy us any gifts. A hand written note or handmade (by the kid) card means the world.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@primaryfocus

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