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Teacher's three-word phrase which makes her class do things first time of asking

Teacher's three-word phrase which makes her class do things first time of asking

She's revealed the go-to phrase that works wonders

A teacher has revealed her fail safe 'go to' phrase that works first time with children in her class.

The simple line helps little ones in her classroom to follow instructions without her ever having to repeat herself - a life hack every parent would love to be able to do at home.

Watch the tip here:

US teacher Sarah revealed the magic phrase on TikTok as she explained how she found out the power of the three little words from a member of support staff.

Sharing the tip on her TikTok, Sarah said: "So I grew up hearing 'to delay is to disobey', which I feel like you just can't say to kids anymore because it's a little controversial.

"But I grew up hearing that and I learned that if I delayed in what my parents were asking me to do, or any other adult, that was considered disobeying or being disobedient.

"I don't say that to my students, but I wished there was another way to say that."

The classroom trick is thought to make kids follow instructions first time.
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Sarah continued: "I heard it this year and I really like it. It's very simple, short, and concise and students know what it means."

Wondering exactly what the magic phrase is?

Sarah explained that she looks at them, simply says their name and then adds: "First time asked – not second time, not third time – first time asked."

The magic phrase works wonders in Sarah's classroom as she finished: "So if you feel like you're repeating yourself constantly, or asking students to do something that you already asked them to do, you can start saying, 'First time asked'.

"I love learning from other teachers."

Sarah first heard the tip from another member of teaching staff.

Fans on TikTok have praised the teacher for their advice as they vowed to start using it themselves.

One TikTok user commented: "I was brainstorming TODAY about how to combat repeating directions 10000x for some of my kiddos. Trying this TOMORROW!"

Another added: "I love this! I also say, 'let's have a sense or urgency' to my middle schoolers."

However some fans have criticised the advice, highlighting how it might not work with children who have ADHD or other neurodivergent kids.

One user commented: "That can be super hard for neurodivergent kiddos (and adults)."

Another shared their own experience: "I understand this concept but as a mom with a kid with ADHD, he will probably ask again just because of his processing."

Another added: "I sincerely hope you're careful! A 4th grade teacher berated my daughter for 'delaying' while daughter was learning to cope [with Attention Deficit Disorder]."

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