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Mum defends putting acrylic nails on four and five-year-old daughters

Mum defends putting acrylic nails on four and five-year-old daughters

YouTuber Just AsiaJJ has responded to the criticisms about her young children's acrylic nails.

A mum has defended her decision to put acrylic nails on her young daughters amid backlash.

Nail technician and YouTuber Just AsiaJJ, who is based in Ohio, has faced criticism after showing the nails she lets her daughters, aged four and five, wear.

She often decorates the acrylic nails with jewels and nail art, but this has angered some of her followers even more.

The 31-year-old mum calls the nail art ‘bonding time’, but people say her children are far too young and their natural nails are too weak to support the fake nails.

The YouTuber gave her four-year-old daughter acrylic nails.
Just AsiaJJ/YouTube

Acrylics usually have to be soaked in acetone before they can be filed and scraped off. When a new set are put on, the natural nail has to be filed down by a nail technician which may cause it to grow weaker over time.

But Just AsiaJJ has responded to her critics by clarifying that she only uses acrylic nails with a peel-off base to ensure they come off easily.

The mum frequently defends herself in the comments section.

In an eight-month-old video, titled ‘Too soon?! Five-year-old gets extremely long acrylic nails’, the YouTuber - who boasts 29,100 subscribers - films as her five-year-old daughter gets to try ‘extra long acrylic nails’.

Just AsiaJJ calls it 'bonding time' with her daughters.
Just AsiaJJ/YouTube

The mum shares that the acrylic process is ‘bonding time’ and explained in the video’s description that she doesn’t go outside with them on.

Some viewers were very disappointed, with one person writing: “This is so cute but horrible at the same time if baby accidentally hits something wrong on her nail that’s gonna be so painful for her and her little fingers it would lift up so easily.

"No hate!! I'm just being protective even tho [I know] she’s the mom just saying! But it’s so adorable!”

Just AsiaJJ replied: “Thank you baby. I appreciate it but it’s a pop off system meaning the nails doesn’t stay on past 10 mins therefore there’s no painful hitting it on anything kinda of thing.”

Another viewer wrote: “I thought this was clickbait... I was hoping it was.”

People have criticised the mum.
Just AsiaJJ/YouTube

A third YouTube user commented: “Noooo that's bad, she’s too young for that, I would never let my daughters wear makeup until she’s 17, five is too young, kids can't do that.”

The mum replied: “I agree five is too young for makeup so I haven’t put it on her yet. Just excited to do so.”

Another video from nine months ago titled ‘Am I Bad Mom??? Giving My 4 Year Old Daughter Extra Long Acrylic Nails ‘ attracted similar critiques.

“I don't know how a mother can do that to her daughter's so delicate nails,” one person wrote.

Another YouTube user penned: “You're not a bad mom the nails look beautiful but I feel like they could’ve been shorter, but like hey you do you whatever makes you happy and your daughter.”

A third said: “No… you’re not a bad mother but a four-year-old is just beginning to learn proper hygiene and how to wipe themselves without assistance. So, you might be a little ignorant but still a great mother.”

However, other commenters came out in Just AsiaJJ’s defence and said she’s simply sharing time with her daughters.

The mum often puts jewels and accessories on the acrylics.
Just AsiaJJ/YouTube

One follower shared: “She's not a bad mom at all! She's simply sharing her profession with her daughters. These little girls are going to have awesome and amazing core memories from this experience!”

A comment praising the YouTuber said: “She so cute! I would let her play with them at home until she got a little older. But she’s going to LOVE nails, and she’s probably already creative and artistic so don’t be surprised if she grow up to do better nails than you mom.”

In response to the backlash, another subscriber declared: “People that say you are a bad mom you aren’t you are a amazing mom. Spending time with your kids and your kids are so cute and sassy in a funny way”

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Just AsiaJJ

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