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Mum praised for allowing four-year-old daughter to get rainbow hair

Mum praised for allowing four-year-old daughter to get rainbow hair

The little girl was left with the 'biggest smile on her face'

A mum has been showered in praise after showing off her young daughter's brand new 'rainbow' hair.

If there's one thing I probably would have wished for at four years old, it's to have my hair look like a rainbow.

Okay, maybe that and unlimited snacks. And 1,000 more wishes. It's hard to choose when you're four, okay?

Would you wish for rainbow hair?
Facebook/Teneke Wineera

Anyway, the point is, rainbow hair is amazing, and something a lot of kids would no doubt love to have themselves.

Unfortunately not everyone is allowed to dye their hair at such a young age, and of course every parent is entitled to their own opinions when it comes to this decision.

But one mum decided to give her daughter exactly what she wanted, as she explained in a post on Facebook that her daughter asked for 'rainbow hair'.

"The hairdresser came through for her!," she added, alongside some snaps of her little girl showing off her newly coloured hair, which featured streaks of pink, purple, blue, green, yellow and red.

The four-year-old described herself as a 'unicorn' after getting her hair done.
Facebook/Teneke Wineera

The mum said her daughter was 'absolutely in love' with her new look, and told Tyla: "She had the biggest smile on her face when it was done, when we walked out of the hairdressers she was skipping and swishing her hair around so she could see all the pretty colours. She’s obsessed and calls herself a pretty unicorn rainbow princess!"

The mum was conscious that she might receive some backlash for allowing her daughter to dye her hair, and attempted to preempt any negativity by writing: "Before anyone comes at me for dying my 4 year old's hair... [I don't care], my baby is happy and that's all that matters."

In spite of her concerns, Facebook users actually made clear they were very much on board with the impressive rainbow streaks and flooded the mum's post with praise.

"Anyone that would be mad about this is just looking for something to complain about. It looks cute. She's happy. Hair grows. Who cares?," one supportive person wrote.

Another commented: "Such a cool mama! I bet she's over the moon, it looks so cute."

The mum told Tyla that she's received 'very positive responses' after sharing the snaps of her daughter's new hairstyle, adding: "Everyone loved it and added what they’ve done to their own children’s hair, so many happy children with rainbow hair in the world."

The world could definitely do with a bit more colour in it, so why not have it in your hair?

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Teneke Wineera

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