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Single dad admits he doesn't want to tell dates that he has children for at least a year

Single dad admits he doesn't want to tell dates that he has children for at least a year

The father opened up about his somewhat alternative dating practice

A single dad has admitted he doesn't want to tell dates that he has children for at least a year of being together.

In a Reddit post uploaded to the popular 'Am I the A**hole' thread - which has since been removed from the site - the recently-single dad-of-two shared a particularly controversial anecdote.

Opening up about his plans to re-enter the dating world after a divorce, the 38-year-old dad revealed he was planning to omit a pretty large detail about himself from his future romantic interests.

The man revealed the reasoning behind his controversial dating strategy.
cottonbro studio / Pexels

While some people may embellish the truth a little about their job title, perhaps fib a bit about their lifestyle choices or even tell a white lie about their real age at the beginning of things - many people seem to agree that you can't just cross out an entire part of your life from a date.

Namely - being a parent to two children.

Well, this was exactly the case for one dad who claimed he would keep schtum about being a father 'just for the first year' of dating.

He also opened up about the exchange he had with his close friends when asking for their opinions on his new dating profile.

One eagle-eyed mate of his, a 28-year-old woman, called the dad out for not mentioning the fact he had kids in his profile and, let's just say, the recent divorcee did not take it well.

He claimed: "I thought this was a wildly inappropriate thing to say to me.

"I asked her how she believed that was relevant and she tried justifying her position by saying things like 'It’s only right to be upfront with any women I date'."

The man continued to vent in the post: "I told her to worry about her own dating life seeing as she’s not close to being married herself and that if a woman rejects me on the basis of having kids then she was shallow anyway and I dodged a bullet."


He then finished the post by outlining that he would eventually come clean about the existence of his kids but under strict circumstances.

The man has caused quite the outrage online.
vjapratama / Pexels

Such circumstances included 'after at least a year' of dating and if he deemed the person he was dating 'a future spouse'.

"I don't want to let someone know about my children and meet them until they’ve proven themselves to me," he concluded.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of people in the comments section were of the belief that the bloke was, in fact, the 'a**hole' in the situation.

One Reddit user hit out: "Life is short. Not disclosing you have kids wastes the time of people looking only for childless partners.

"It also wastes your time, if your goal is to settle down rather than have some flings not disclosing you have kids is just going to lead to many abruptly ended dates.

"Not disclosing for a whole year is insane."

A second echoed: "What the hell did I just read? You're going to lie to a woman for at least 12 months that you have children but when you do this and she isn't happy with you having children you'll have dodged a bullet?


"You are WAY out of line here," penned a final Reddit user.

"You would be an a**hole of epic proportions if YOU WAITED FOR A YEAR TO DISCLOSE YOU HAVE KIDS to a girlfriend.

"If that’s a deal-breaker for her (which it is VERY ok for it to be) you have wasted a year of her precious time.

"How contemptuous of a woman and her time are you?"

What do you make of the situation?

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