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Woman shares genius cornflour hack to clean filthy oven racks in minutes

Woman shares genius cornflour hack to clean filthy oven racks in minutes

The nifty trick will save you shedloads of time

We all know the right faff that comes with cleaning your oven racks.

They're awkward, fineckety, don't fit in the sink and just a downright pain to deal with.

However, luckily for us, one woman has come to the rescue after sharing her genius cornflour hack to clean filthy oven racks in mere minutes.

Turns out all you need is a little hot water and cornflour to clean those pesky oven racks.
Mums Who Clean/Facebook

The woman took to the Mums Who Clean group on Facebook to share the nifty little kitchen hack.

She penned: "I had a spare 10 minutes, and knew my range hood filter, and BBQ trivet needing cleaning."

She shared photos of the pretty mind-blowing results which came about after she simply mixed cornflour with hot water and totally transformed her grimy pots, pans and kitchen items with no heavy scrubbing in no time at all.

"I can honestly say it’s a pleasure to clean them when it’s so easy. I use the same process for my oven racks, roast tray, greasy fry pans etc," the savvy cleaner continued.

The woman said she was a person who 'hates having to wait' for the process and prefers to 'clean it now' to 'get it over and done with' and 'off the list'.

She also added: "I just wanted to share how easy it is to clean some of the grime and oil film off of your frying pans. Tonight I just used the cornflour. Make sure the water is more on the hot side."

Squeaky clean!
Mums Who Clean/Facebook

The post has since been flooded with praise with one Facebook user writing: "WHAT IS THIS SORCERY!!!

"I am today years old when I learnt this method! Thanks for sharing!"

A second gushed: "Never thought about using cornflour for that. Use it for refreshing carpets and used to use to refresh daughters teddy's when she was little."

"Wow! That's awesome! Could you please share the amounts of each needed?" asked a third.

The woman later responded: "I never measure, just a couple of shakes of each.

"Maybe a 1/2 cup, if you try it and it doesn’t seem to work as easy as mine did, add more."

"Thank you for sharing that’s amazing!" chimed in a fourth while a fifth commended: "Great job!"

However, it is important to note that the cornflour method comes with a warning issued by a Facebook group admin.

It read: "Note for members; you should always be aware of what material their rangehood filters are made from before using anything other than dishwashing liquid to clean them.

"This method, as well as others may damage them. It’s it’s not stainless steel they are likely to be damaged."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Mums Who Clean

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