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Mum shares very important purpose behind octopus teddies

Mum shares very important purpose behind octopus teddies

The mum explained why they 'aren't just cute'

One mum has shared the very important purpose behind octopus teddies.

The woman took to Tiny Hearts Education on Instagram to explain exactly why the adorable little cuddly critters 'aren't just cute'.

She uploaded a photo of a little tot cosied up next to a crocheted octopus toy gripping onto one of its knitted tentacles.

One mum has explained why octopus cuddly toys 'aren't just cute'.
Facebook/Calvary Hobart - Maternity

The mum began by explaining the toys 'have a purpose' for premature babies.

The plushies in question, which also come in a jellyfish variety, are knitted by certain charities and groups including the likes of Octopus for a Preemie.

They are lovingly crafted in such a way that the 'tentacles feel like an umbilical cord'.

"The octopuses are placed in incubators or cots with preterm bubs, allowing them to grab onto the tentacles," the mum continued.

"While growing inside your tummy, bubs grab their cord, which this teddy is designed to mimic."

As a result of the carefully designed toy, premature babies will be 'too busy holding the tentacles' and will 'leave their cords, monitoring lines, and wires alone'.

She went on to tell other parents: "If you know your bub will be born preterm and you've got warning beforehand, you can ask for one of these teddies and pop it down your shirt.

"This is to make the teddy smell like you, which will then stay with bub after they're born and go home with them after discharge."

The octopus teddies are designed to mimic a mother's umbilical cord for premature babies.

The woman, whose own child, Nahla, was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit 'straight after birth', opened up about her birth story and how the teddies helped her.

"Being a NICU mama, something that pulled on my heartstrings the most was leaving my precious baby girl in the hands of someone else," she revealed.

"My heart ached that I couldn't be right beside her every second, singing to her and holding her hands."

The mum went on: "So having something like this that would've smelt like me and given her comfort would've improved my mama guilt dramatically by knowing that even though we weren't together, a little piece of me was still right there with her."

Brb - just tearing up over here.

She concluded the heartfelt post writing: "How beautiful for them to be able to have something of their own that gives them comfort and smells like their mama?

"Plus, it's also a nice little keepsake to show them when they're all grown up."

The post has since clocked up hundreds upon hundreds of comments from people eager to share their praise and support for the incredible creations.

One Instagram user penned: "I've made plenty of them, and it's a wonderful feeling knowing you're helping these little babies."

"How sweet," wrote another while a third added: "This is so precious."

You can support and find out more about Octopus For A Preemie here.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Calvary Hobart - Maternity Instagram / Instagram/@octo4apreemieus

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