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Woman shares genius hack to get microwave clean in just five minutes

Woman shares genius hack to get microwave clean in just five minutes

The savvy cleaner took to TikTok to share the nifty trick

Let's face it - cleaning the microwave can be a right pain.

It seems to be constantly covered in tomato soup splatters, old milk residue and somehow always have rogue grains of rice hiding in the crevices.

After pulling all the gunk out of the dishwasher and fishing hair balls out the drain - cleaning the microwave is one of the grimmest jobs available in a house.

While we all have the best intentions when it comes to keeping our household appliances spick and span, the truth is that we let things slide.

A couple of reheated leftovers her, a bowl of beans or soup there. It all adds up.

Before you know it, the microwave is caked in grease and grime to the point that it's almost cemented on.

And when you finally come round to trying to clean the thing, it's virtually impossible, and can take an entire afternoon to get it back to being anywhere near useable.

Well, as is often the case, someone on TikTok has been kind enough to share a hack that will save you some valuable time in the future.

In the bowl of water goes.

In a post to her TikTok channel, @mumscleaninglockdownlife explained that all you need is a bowl of water and washing up liquid, and you're good to go.

Rather than scrubbing your device to within an inch of its life, pop the bowl inside and turn it on for four minutes.

Once it's ready, take the bowl out - the grease inside will have softened and will just wipe away.

Hey presto, Bob's your uncle. Game changer.

Since the video was shared, it has been viewed dozens of thousands of times, with people piling into the comments to thank the cleaning maestro for the handy trick.

"Oh I need to try this," said one.

Another chimed in: "It was so satisfying when you wiped that gunk off."

Some even offered their own tips for keeping their appliances clean too, with one saying: "You can put lemon in the water too, it gives a fresh smell."

Definitely one to try out.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mumscleaninglockdownlife

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