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Woman faces backlash after snipping off her bottom lashes makes her eyes look 'open'

Woman faces backlash after snipping off her bottom lashes makes her eyes look 'open'

The woman has sparked outrage online after sharing her latest beauty tip

A woman has caused a storm online after sharing, let's say, an alternative addition to her beauty routine.

In a world where we're all seemingly obsessed with longer and fuller eyelashes - it came as a complete shock when Carrie Madders took to TikTok to upload a clip of her snipping off hers.

She claimed that the near-surgical procedure made her eyes look more 'open' and has since faced major backlash following the clip. Check out the bizarre beauty tip here:

The beauty controversy began when Carrie uploaded a short clip of her trimming her eyelashes right down to the follicle to TikTok.

She told her followers that the presence of lashes hat the lashes appeared to 'close' her eyes and give her an 'unwanted shadow'.

In the video, which has since amassed more than 16.8 million views, a narration says: "I can’t be the only one who hates their bottom lashes."

She then proceeds to zoom into her lashes with full flash on as she gets scarily close to her eye with the pointy scissors.

With nearly one million likes and dozens of thousands of comments - it's clear that maybe Carrie was on her own with the make-up trick after leaving behind an avalanche of people in outrage.

"I can’t be the only one who hates their bottom lashes."

One TikTok user confirmed: "Yup you the only one."

"You indeed are the only one who hates their bottom lashes," another chimed in, while a third added: "Not a fan of mascara on bottom lashes but this is too much."

Others, however pointed out the health issues connected to the extreme beauty secret.

"Girl they’re there to protect your EYEBALLS," warned one concerned viewer.

Another explained: "Bottom lashes purpose is to avoid dust and dryness."

And they're right. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology: "Eyelashes prevent irritation and act as human whiskers."

The experts outline that lashes operate as 'dust catchers' which protect the eye from 'debris that can obstruct vision or cause infection or injury'.

"I cut them because they are very bothersome."

Speaking to The Post, Carrie revealed: "I cut them because they are very bothersome and also enjoy the look it gives me."

The TikToker also outlined that 'beauty is definitely subjective' and that in cutting her bottom lashes, she can feel her 'best self'.

She also said that she shared the beauty trick in a hopes to find 'community through TikTok' yet was shocked when she came under fire from viewers in total disagreement with her.

Carrie's caption for controversial TikTok in question read: "I feel like they close my eye and add unwanted shadow," alongside an emoji of a woman shrugging her shoulders.

She has since uploaded a follow-up TikTok, defending her decision while duetting the first video.

In it, she detailed her reasoning, noting that she likes the 'open eye look better' and doesn't like it when the bottom set of lashes 'get stuck' to her top set.

Then, just a few days ago (16 March), the TikToker uploaded a further five-minute video responding to the onslaught of criticism to 'clear a couple things up'.

"That's just my opinion and that's how I feel about myself."
Pixabay / Pexels

She claimed she had been 'trimming her bottom lashes since high school' but also told her viewers that she 'never would recommend' anyone try out the beauty tip themselves.

Carrie also assured the news outlet that she has not yet 'sustained injury, itchiness, infection,' nor 'improper growth' due to the regular lash trimming.

"I feel really good and I feel my best self like that," Carrie concluded, "that's just my opinion and that's how I feel about myself."

Tyla has reached out to Carrie Madders for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@CarrieMadders

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