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New mum admits she's dreading her baby's first Christmas

New mum admits she's dreading her baby's first Christmas

She says Christmas will be a tough time for her and her baby

While many are excitedly counting down the days until Santa pays a visit, a new mum says she's anything but looking forward to Christmas.

Trying to juggle being a parent and unwind during the festive period is nigh impossible.

And one woman has opened up about how she is dreading the Yuletide period and unsure how she is going to cope now with a baby in tow.

Writing on Netmums, the young mum explained that her baby is a napper, which makes it hard for her to get out of the house and do things.

She said: "People ask me if I'm looking forward to my baby's 1st Christmas but I'm not. She will be nine months.

"I haven't liked Christmas for a while because I work in a shop, which is hugely stressful at Christmas and only shuts for one day."

The new mum is dreading Christmas.
Pavel Iukhimetc/Alamy

"I find it hard to look forward to things as my days are mostly the same, taking care of my baby.

"Don't get much me time as my baby is a contact napper so no Christmas films and no Christmas treats. There's not much family time to do things between shopping and visiting family."

She added: "And Christmas won't be any different except I don't know how I'll manage to see all my family between naps and feeds. Am I the only one?"

The post saw other parents offer some of their own experiences.

Sympathising with the mum, one user said: "There are so many expectations around Christmas you have to do XYZ, but don't be afraid to change things up to suit your little family unit.

"In general lots of people I have spoken to myself included are not looking forward to the festive season, finding it harder to get in to the Xmas spirit etc so you are not alone."

Another commented: "You can still enjoy Christmas with your baby. Nothing needs to stop for naps and feeds.

Other mums said she could still have a nice Christmas with her baby.
Rob Bartee/Alamy

"You and your baby can eat while you're watching films, you can visit family and take a lunchbox with her food in it.

"There are ways around it."

"Always been a big believer of once you have kids, you don't go running round to everyone else's house to visit and please them on Xmas day," put someone else.

"You stay home in your pjs and your sticky up hair, and eat junk and let the kids have their toys and relax as much as the kids will let you."

While another added: "I completely know how you feel, my little boy was six months when it was his first Christmas; we were new to weaning and he was having a bottle every four hours and would only contact nap unless I planned to travel from one place to another at nap time and then he would sleep in the car."

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