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Woman shares shock results after washing years-old Christmas tree

Woman shares shock results after washing years-old Christmas tree

A woman washed an old Christmas tree in a bathtub and the result has left people in shock

People have been left in shock after a woman showed exactly what happened once she gave her Christmas tree a bath.

It needs to be seen to be believed:

TikToker @mahalamariie said she was convinced to wash the Christmas tree after seeing videos of other people doing the exact same thing on the app, adding' we were fully prepared to replace this tree. It was just an experiment.'

The 'old tree' was gifted to her by her mum five years ago, which made it the perfect candidate for the unusual bubble bath.

Unfortunately the results didn't go as planned as the social media user gave the experiment a mediocre '5/10 wouldn't really recommend' score.

After removing the tree from the bathtub, the water was left an off-putting brown-ish colour which @mahalamariie blamed on the metal prongs.

A woman decide to wash her Christmas tree.

And once she drained the water, it became clear that the tree had left behind an abundance of dirt and debris which looks like an absolute nightmare to clean up.

People on TikTok wondered by anyone would give their Christmas tree a bath while others shared their own experiences doing it themselves.

“Why though? As long as you don’t intend to eat from it…” one person asked, which prompted another TikToker to argue:

“The colours stay vibrant and you don’t have black hands after setting it up next time.”

“Just why,” another person asked.

Some people shared their own solutions to cleaning their Christmas trees without having to put it in the bath. “I put mine on the balcony for one day and then I blow-dry it. No mess in the house… dust free tree.”

Someone else joked: “I have a pre lit tree so definitely not trying this.”

In other Christmas news, people are only just finding out the function of those 'spare' red bulbs that are sometimes found in packs of string Christmas lights.

You can watch the video below:

The TikToker showed off a string of Christmas lights hanging on a door frame, before holding up a red bulb which many people assumed was just a spare.

Moments later, the TikToker removed one of the regular bulbs from the string of lights that appeared to be turned off, and added in the red bulb instead.

"Wait for it," they added, before just seconds later, the lights change - and people are now mind-blown.

You learn something new everyday on TikTok.

Featured Image Credit: @mahalamariie/ TikTok

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