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Furious man reveals shocking reason why he’ll 'never do Secret Santa again'

Furious man reveals shocking reason why he’ll 'never do Secret Santa again'

The TikTok star was thoroughly disappointed by his Christmas gift

For many holiday season celebrators, one of the most iconic Christmas traditions is exchanging 'Secret Santa' gifts with your loved ones.

The mystery of picking an unsuspecting name out of a hat and carefully selecting a gift that will make their festive season even jollier - I mean, what's not to love?

It sounds as though the gift-giving custom is far from everybody's cup of tea, however.

So much so, that one America man has vowed NEVER to take part in his office 'Secret Santa' ever again after being gifted a particular present.

TikTok star @star_hollywood shared his story, revealing what he'd received from one of his colleagues in a now-viral video which has accumulated 18.5 million views.

"I will not be participating in 'Secret Santa' anymore in any job or workplace ever again," he tells viewers.

"Last Friday, everybody was supposed to bring their gifts. I went all out my way, I put Christmas lights on the bag, Santa paper, I had all kinds of stocking stuff down in the bag.

The TikTok star was disappointed by his gift.

"I put bells on the gift bag. The lady that I got, I went over and beyond."

The social media star continues: "So, the day comes, I'm excited. I'm all festive, I've got my Christmas ugly sweater on - or whatever you call them.

"I get to work, and everybody's putting their bags down on the shelf. Couple of hours go by, they call everybody up. I'm excited.

"You know, it's Christmas time, some people don't even get a gift, and 'Secret Santa' sometimes, that person, they may just get that one gift. So, I make sure I always go above and beyond."

The man vowed never to part-take in 'Secret Santa' at work again. Getty/Gorelo
The man vowed never to part-take in 'Secret Santa' at work again. Getty/Gorelo

He goes on: "So, long story short, everybody's getting their gifts - everybody's exchanging gifts. The lady comes over to me and she says, 'Your 'Secret Santa' didn't come to work today, but come Monday and I'll have your gift'.

"Alright, cool, no big deal. I get to work today, I get my gift, ya'll. She hands me my gift, I open it up, and this is what I get."

It was then that the TikTok user opened up a blue box - adorned with a bow - containing his Christmas present, which was revealed to be nothing more than a handful of mini chocolate bars.

The man was only gifted a box of chocolates.

"Now, mind you, the limit was $25," he disappointedly tells viewers, previewing his gift box, which contains the likes of mini Hershey's bars and Reese's peanut butter trees.

"Now, I know Reese's and Hershey's and Mr Good bars can be kind of on the expensive side, but I said, 'maybe she spent a little bit of money on the bow and the box', because the box is kind of fancy like."

The heartbreaking video has since accumulated thousands of comments from viewers who've each gone through their own 'Secret Santa' hells.

"Our Secret Santa was supposed to be $25-$50 and my boss got my name and she gave me a trinket the ones people sell on the corner for $.25 for the blind so I took her gift," one viewer shared their own hilarious story.

Viewers shared their 'Secret Santa' horror stories.
Getty/Yana Iskayeva

Another shared: "My husband was telling me about their Secret Santa at work said this lady got 3 books [laughing emojis] she said I got books at home wth"

"Yeah, my secret Santa didn't get me anything. I was the only one who didn't get a gift," a third went on.

A fourth: "Someone in our office got a 10 pound bag of rice from their Secret Santa".

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@star_hollywood

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