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Woman fuming over Secret Santa gift her boyfriend received from woman at work

Woman fuming over Secret Santa gift her boyfriend received from woman at work

She wasn't happy at all...

Christmas is the time for giving and many people around the globe partake in a good old-fashioned Secret Santa to really bring on the festive spirit.

However, it's clear not everyone was feeling the merriment after one woman was left absolutely fuming over the Christmas gift her boyfriend received from another woman at his work.

The girlfriend, who goes by the handle @sophiepierrex on TikTok, to open up about the awkward situation. Check it out:

Insisting that she 'wasn't crazy' and 'wouldn't kick off over a Secret Santa', Sophie then filmed her reaction the gift as she blasted the unknown colleague as a 'f**king w***e'.


Sophie shows viewers a mug, given to her boyfriend, with a cartoon of a stick figure man surrounded by several women, with 'Me at work with all my b**ches' written on the other side.

Raging, Sophie blasted the cheeky present as a 'f**king joke', writing in the video caption that she didn't want to 'hear' from anybody who thought she was overreacting.

Sophie initially said she wouldn't 'kick off' about a Secret Santa present.

However, many women backed Sophie up and questioned why somebody who buy the mug in the first place.

One user commented: "No but on a serious note why would you buy that for someone when they have a girlfriend. Would send me absolutely raging."

Another sympathetic commenter said: "I hope she sees this. Someone would have to hold me back, the level of disrespect," as somebody else remarked: "He best get applying for jobs in construction NOW."

Other commenters divulged tales of coworkers who splashed the cash when it came to treating their partners.

Sophie was less than pleased with what her boyfriend received at work.

One person wrote: "My husband's colleague bought him a pair of Adidas trainers last year!", while another ominously commented: "My boyfriend's Secret Santa theme was sexual gifts..."

Another commenter admitted: "My boyfriend got his female work colleague nipple tassels for Secret Santa."

A fellow jealous girlfriend commented: "I was fuming my boyfriend brought his secret Santa home and it had everything he liked and all I'm thinking is nah I bet it was a girl who got it," to which Sophie replied: "Honestly like if I got a lad for Secret Santa, he’s getting a Lynx Africa gift set!!"

Sophie was left fuming when she saw the mug.

Secret Santas are increasingly a staple in workplaces up and down the country - but the gifts exchanged often don't leave much of an impact.

According to Business Leader, £32 million worth of Secret Santa gifts were thrown away in 2021, as Brits chuck their unwanted gifts rather than regifting them.

A study by online printing specialists instantrpint found that found 31 percent of UK workers disliked the holiday tradition, an increase from 19 percent in 2019.

After this outburst, it's likely that Sophie's boyfriend will count himself among the 31 percent.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sophiepierrex

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