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Woman shares how to edit Santa into your doorbell camera

Woman shares how to edit Santa into your doorbell camera

The scene is sure to convince kids of Santa's magic

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! The big day is just two days away and Father Christmas is no doubt hard at work filling his sack full of toys, so now one woman has explained how you can make sure to catch him on your doorbell camera.

You might have already come across a few Santa Clauses waving hello in shopping centres or popping up on television, but we all know you won't be able to see the real Father Christmas until he sets off across the world to drop off presents for Christmas morning.

Kids across the globe are full of hope that they'll be able to spot him in action, and some are relying on newer sources of technology to make that happen.

In a post on Facebook, one mum explained: "My children think they are going to catch Father Christmas on the Ring doorbell - we don't have a chimney so he uses a magic key. They have asked if they can check the camera on Christmas Day."

While this post is indication that children are definitely getting too smart for us, the mum attempted to keep the upper hand by asking a tech-savvy Facebook user to help out by editing a still image from her Ring doorbell camera.

She wrote: "I was just wondering if anyone could edit Father Christmas on his sleigh flying across it... I don't want to be caught out by this."

Kids across the globe are hoping to catch sight of Santa.

Thankfully, Christmas is a time for generosity and so numerous people have shared their advice on how to convince kids of Santa's magic.

One woman, named Emma, replied to the post with an image showing the scene from the mum's Ring camera, except this time Father Christmas could be seen moving across the top of the image in his sleigh.

The impressive edit saw Emma flooded with requests from other users, so she shared a 'how-to' explanation to allow other people with doorbell cameras to try it for themselves.

Emma shared her how-to guide online.
Emma Andersen/Facebook

In her post, she explained she had used Canva Pro to do the edit, which involves going into 'elements', searching 'Santa sleigh' and clicking 'video'.

This image can be moved on to the doorbell screenshot used as the background for the scene, then the transparency can be edited to make the image look more 'realistic'.

The edited picture showed Santa flying through the air.
Emma Andersen/Facebook

"If the transparency doesn't match your image, go back into elements and add a square over the remaining section of your image and again adjust the transparency to suit," she wrote, adding: "Merry Christmas guys! Hope this helps!"

Emma wasn't the only Facebook user sharing advice as another mum also shared an image the original poster could use, showing Santa poking his head into the frame of her Ring doorbell image.

She responded to the post, writing: "how about this one !! The app I use for my son."

The user said the app used to be called 'Capture The Magic', but is now titled 'Catch Santa'. If Canva isn't for you, then the Capture The Magic app is one of a number of downloadable apps which allow the user to take a picture and add Santa into the scene.

Featured Image Credit: Stephen Barnes/Technology / Alamy Stock Photo

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