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Couple set to live permanently on cruise ship and travel around the world

Couple set to live permanently on cruise ship and travel around the world

A couple are paying £1M to live on a cruise ship for 12 years

A couple are paying £1M to live on a cruise ship for 12 years, and the only question is…can we come too?!

Amanda and her boyfriend have splashed the cash to live permanently on a cruise that sets sail in 2025.

How are they funding the ‘trip’, you ask?

The couple have 25 properties that they are hoping to manage whilst they set on their world voyage.

It has been one of the couple’s long-term goals to make this their reality, and they even tried it on a smaller scale a couple of years ago with their friends’ yacht.

They set sail to the Bahamas for a month, but found that fixing things that had broken on the boat was more expensive than the trip itself.

The couple have paid £1M to live on the ship
Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

In an interview with the Insider, Amanda said: “We must have spent about £25K fixing the broken engine, and the fuel costs between about £15K and £20K.

“Instead, we decided to buy an apartment with a 12-year lease for £1M, a cruise ship that will let us permanently live at sea.”

Despite the move being a long-term idea of theirs, Amanda said that she made the decision pretty spontaneously.

“I booked a call and handed over a £10K deposit there and then - I make decisions quickly.”

Aside from the £1M lease, living on the ship does incur other fees, unexpectedly.

Maintenance fees are £4,800 a month, but Amanda isn’t too bothered about the extra expenses, she says: “At least you don’t have to worry about paying £25K for a broken engine.”

The couple will be staying in a one-bedroom apartment aboard the ship, with a large balcony and a good amount of outdoor-living space.

The pair cannot, however, make any changes to the interior of their apartment, as the ship has supplied everything to be fireproof.

The couple can't alter any of the interior in their apartment
Josiah Weiss on Unsplash

However, one thing that Amanda has requested in their apartment is an extra bed, so that her mum can visit.

But, guests to your own apartment aren’t free!

The ship charges £70 a day extra for guests.

But the couple haven’t paid the £1M in one hit, they pay 40% of the costs before they board the boat, and the rest is paid in instalments.

Amanda said: “Hopefully, interest rates will have fallen by then and financing will be a little less expensive.”

We can only hope.

Featured Image Credit: Amanda Williams / Storyline

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