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This Woman Dyed Her Wedding Dress Green So She Could Wear It Every Day

This Woman Dyed Her Wedding Dress Green So She Could Wear It Every Day

Musician Emma Male decided to cut up and dye her wedding dress khaki and then wore it to perform in.

Nicole Cherruault

Nicole Cherruault

A musician bride who couldn't bear the thought of leaving her beloved £2,000 wedding dress to rot at the back of her wardrobe, decided to cut it up and dye it green so she could use it in her everyday wardrobe.

Emma Male, 36, from Weybridge, Surrey, married video producer, Chris, 36, in a woodland-themed wedding back in 2016. The wedding was a casual affair, which meant she wasn't worrying too much about the condition in which she kept her dress.


"Our wedding was really casual, we were drinking as we walked down the aisle, guests drank as they watched the blessing and we had friends of ours doing the music," said Emma.

"But I was walking through the woods in flip flops, so the dress got ripped and muddy."

After her dress became muddied and ripped from the day, she decided there wasn't any point putting it back in her cupboard.


Festival lover Emma, decided to alter her dress by cutting off the hem and dying it khaki. Despite initially being quite nervous about the process, the accounts manager and singer said it is now her new favourite item to wear.

"When I first saw it going into the green dye, it looked so dark. I thought 'Oh my god. What am I doing?'', said Emma.

The result, however, has been incredible. So much so that no one even recognises it's an old dress.


"But I absolutely love it. It gets so much attention but nobody recognises it from when we got married. My husband does, but that's only because I go on about it all the time," says Emma.

She enlisted her cousin Katie to help her with the dress's transformation and it took the pair one week to complete the whole process.

In that time, they chopped off the hem and soaked the white lace frock in green dye to give it a more relaxed, festival-feel.

Nicer than any festival dress I've ever seen, that's for sure.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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