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Woman Has Ultimate Wardrobe Malfunction After Wearing Swimsuit Upside-Down

Woman Has Ultimate Wardrobe Malfunction After Wearing Swimsuit Upside-Down

Lyndsey Brown complained to the makers of her embarrassing swimwear, only to be told she was wearing her new swimming costume upside down.

Deborah Cicurel

Deborah Cicurel

In urban legends of wardrobe malfunctions, it doesn't get much more embarrassing than this: a woman who wore a new swimsuit in Ibiza complained to the brand that it left her "vagina hanging out" - only to be told she was wearing it upside down.

Student Lyndsey Brown was on a girl's trip to Ibiza, and after one too many drinks, couldn't quite figure out how to get her swimsuit back on after a trip to the loo.

Posting screenshots to Twitter, Lyndsey complained to the company, Pear Swimwear, saying: "I wore that swimsuit today. And it's stretch like anything. I only wore it for a couple of hours. My vagina was hanging out constantly.

"Is it meant to stretch like that? This is what it was like. It was so bad and embarrassing. Like it was totally fine at first but then afterwards it was so bad."

The company replied gently informing Lyndsey that she had mistakenly put the crotch part of the swimwear on her shoulder, and the shoulder strap in the crotch area.

A customer service representative wrote back: "I'm really sorry you were embarrassed by your swimsuit. I have had a look at the picture you have sent and believe you are wearing the swimsuit upside down.

"The swimsuit you have ordered is this one and should look like this. There should be a gold pear label on the swimsuit which should sit at the back at the top of your back. The thinnest part of the swimsuit will be the strap which sits across your shoulder. I hope this helps."

Thankfully, Lyndsey and her friends saw the funny side, posting about the hilarious mix-up on Twitter. Lyndsey wrote: "I went to Ocean Beach wearing the swimsuit in perfect condition and the CORRECT way - had too much fun with alcohol, went to the toilet a few hours later and put my swimsuit on upside down WITHOUT KNOWING. I then got kicked out after this for being a lightweight NOT a tramp xxx".

Her friend posted a photo of what the swimsuit should look like before Lyndsey put it back on the wrong way round, writing: "BEFORE IT ALL WENT WRONG, she looked class whether her vagina was in or out ps sorry we were all too drunk to notice either".

That's us making a mental note to double and triple check our swimming costumes this summer...

Featured Image Credit: Lyndsey Brown/Twitter

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