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Woman Shares Genius Hack To Stop Your Jeans Rolling Down

Woman Shares Genius Hack To Stop Your Jeans Rolling Down

Petite ladies rejoice: rolling your jeans up will never be a problem again.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

We all love a life hack, and this one for petite ladies is a real game changer.

Rolling up your jeans is not always as simple as it sounds, and shorter ladies struggle more than most with excess length on clothing - especially when the turn-up inevitably starts to fall down.

Luckily, this genius woman has got it sussed.

Ebony Covill recently posted a hack to Instagram that cleverly uses a hair bobble to keep your rolled jeans in place. And Tbh, we're in awe.

Want to recreate the hack at home? Simply wrap the tie around the leg of your jeans where you want them to end. Ebony then suggests making your initial turn at the hem very thin, before rolling up the rest in a normal fashion.

You can then tuck the edge of the trouser into the denim hairband and your trousers will stay much more firmly in place.

Her post read: "SHORT LEG/PERSON HACK! Tie a bobble just above where an ankle boot would sit. Roll the first ridge very thinly. Then roll once or twice more depending how short your leg is.

"With the bobble in place, your jean very rarely rolls down or comes out of place and it gives great definition to your legs!

"Now you have the perfect length jeans no matter how tall or short you are."

And this tip isn't just for those vertically challenged people among us, because tall people don't always want full length jeans either, they may need their jeans to sit above boots. Everyone can make use of this handy hack.

You're welcome.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/homeiswherethelatteis

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