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People Are Losing It Over This Seagull Stealing Food From Man's Mouth

People Are Losing It Over This Seagull Stealing Food From Man's Mouth

A TikTok video shows the hilarious moment a seagull steals food from a man's mouth.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

With warmer weather on the horizon, beach trips are set to be the top choice for many people across the country. Going to the beach means the likelihood of protecting your lunch from hungry seagulls increases tenfold.

However one unsuspecting man had his lunch swiped from his mouth - and he wasn't even at the beach.

The man - whose name appears to be Matthew based on the video's caption - was standing by a car park. TikTok user Sophie Ellen McGill captured the hilarious moment when a cheeky seagull stole a KFC wrap from her friend's mouth.

Watch the video below:

People took to the comments section after watching the clip, with many people adding that they would be furious if the same thing happened to them.

"I'd be raging," said one person.

Another commenter said: "IT ACTUALLY GOT INSIDE HIS MOUTH."

A seagull stole a man's lunch (

While a third added: "THE AUDACITY. Omg I'd be fuming."

Seagulls in 2021 are so bold.

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Featured Image Credit: sophiellenmcgill-TikTok

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