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Women Are Sharing The Craziest Sex Myths They Believed Growing Up

Women Are Sharing The Craziest Sex Myths They Believed Growing Up

We're howling at these!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

When we were growing up, there was always a wild sex myth going around and at the time, it was so hard to know what was actually true.

Could you get pregnant off a toilet seat?! Does a tampon 'take your virginity'?!

Now, sex and relationships guru and TV presenter @Oloni, has kicked off a conversation on Twitter about the craziest sex myths we heard growing up - and we are howling at these!

We've rounded up our favourites - and debunked them, of course...

Oloni kicked off the conversation (

"If you lie on a man's bed, you'll get pregnant immediately"

False, of course. That would most definitely be a miracle baby!

"Blue balls is an actual thing"

Nope, a man's testicles do not actually turn blue and it's not dangerous, but it can be uncomfortable if a man remains aroused without an orgasm.

"Losing your virginity will make you walk different"

No, pretty sure this has happened to no-one, ever!

"Women can't get pregnant if they go on top during sex"

Well that would be the easiest form of contraception ever, but yep, you can still get pregnant on top. Around 300 to 500 million sperm are typically released in a single ejaculation and they can swim in all different directions.

"You can't get pregnant if you shower after"

We definitely heard this one making its way around the school yard, but wrong again, of course!

"When you had sex for the first time with your husband... he created a print in your vagina and if you had other sexual relations, it would change the print in there and your husband would know on re-entry"

We've never heard this one before, but it has to be one our favourite, craziest myths. A penis cannot create a print on your vagina - it's not like a touch ID for sex!

Women have been sharing their craziest sex myths (

"Your hips expand or you bleed a lot when you first have sex"

This sounds absolutely terrifying. There's absolutely no connection between your hips expanding and sex, but of course, some women do bleed (a little bit) due to the hymen, which can tear during intercourse. This can tear for other reasons though, and doesn't happen to everyone.

"You can get pregnant from a towel"

No! Sperm typically dies after a few minutes, or once it's dried, and it cannot jump from the towel, up into the woman's vagina - so this is so, so unlikely.

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