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Teen Gets 16 Dachshunds To Pose For Photo After Friend Said It Was Impossible

Teen Gets 16 Dachshunds To Pose For Photo After Friend Said It Was Impossible

So many sausage dogs so little time.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We can barely get our one dog to pose for a nice photo before getting distracted by some manner of ball/food/other dog, let alone sixteen of them.

But that's exactly what Liam Beach of Rondda, Wales, managed to do with his brood of dachshunds - and it was all down to a bet.

Kennedy News

When the 19-year-old's friend bet hit he couldn't get his 16 sausage dogs to line up on the stairs for a photo, it was challenge accepted.

In just eight minutes, the teen had managed to get his gang of well-behaved pooches sat perfectly still, with two per step staring at the camera. Genius.

Dachshunds Lottie, Daisy, Dudley, Wallie, Diamond, Ruby, Benjie, Buster, Bonnie, Ziggy, Sammy, Kizzy, Kiki, Zac, Duke and Saffie were placed on the steps by Liam and told to stay. When they were in position, Liam used a tennis ball to keep the dogs focused while he snapped away.

Kennedy News

The Animal Management graduate said: "My friend Catherine challenged me to try to get all of my lot sat on the stairs for a photo.

"She said 'I bet you can't pull it off' so I thought 'challenge accepted'. She also promised me a box of chocolates if I managed it.

"She set me that task on Friday morning and 10 minutes later I had the photo.

"It took me eight minutes in total. I timed myself. I put each dog on the stairs and told them to 'stay'.

"Then I used a squeaky tennis ball to get their attention and clicked away on the camera."

Kennedy News

Liam said that his friends think the photo is "amazing" and his family "love it," even hoping to get it framed.

"I posted the photo online too and people keep commenting on how much they love it and that they're amazed by how I've managed to get the Daxies to sit still.

"It's amazing the amount of positive reactions I've had because sometimes people are judge-y about the amount of dogs I have.

"But I haven't had any negative reactions to the picture at all and I'm amazed by how many people love it. It is really lovely to see."

Kennedy News

Liam, who has dreams of opening his own groomers, lives with his mum Cheryl, 59, his dad Anthony, 58, their 16 dachshunds and their black labrador Jess, 12.

You're probably wondering how the Beach family came to own so many pooches, and it all started with a local ad in the paper. Liam's sister, Laura, spotted an advert for dachshund puppies and quickly snapped up Sammy, now eight.

Kennedy News

Soon after, they got Kizzy, eight, as a friend for Sammy, and the family's sausage dog love was ignited. A year later, they got Bonnie and Ziggy, both seven, as Liam and Cheryl wanted a red and chocolate dachshund as the other two are both black.

The family then began breeding dachshunds, and well, the rest is history.

Liam says that he makes sure he keeps all the dogs well-trained (hence the pic!) and even competes with them in dog shows such as Crufts.

Kennedy News

"It's a mad house. The dachshunds absolutely rule our home," says Liam.

"It's very entertaining living with all of them. They're such characters and each one of them is so individual.

"It can be stressful when they have their occasional squabbles but generally they are a joy to live with. They're a lovely breed.

"I do get some mad looks when I take them all out for a walk at the same time though. I get people stopping and asking for pictures all the time and cars slow down as they drive past."

Yep, we think we've discovered our happy place... right there on step five in between sausage dog eight and nine.

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