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 ‘Couple’ Stage Wedding On Train To Highlight Coronavirus Restrictions

‘Couple’ Stage Wedding On Train To Highlight Coronavirus Restrictions

The creator dedicated the prank service to "all those who cannot get married in 2020".

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

A man and woman staged a wedding on a train to highlight the challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

The romantic service - which took place on a TFL rail carriage - was a prank, but had all the hallmarks of a real wedding, from speeches to flower garlands and violin players.

YouTuber Elvin Mensah, whose channel is crammed with comedy sketches including prank dates set on trains, is the brains behind the faux wedding.

He dedicated the service to all those whose weddings have been scuppered by the coronavirus crisis.

"This wedding is to all those who cannot get married in 2020," said Elvin, during the ceremony. "To those who are quarantining still, to those who can only have 15 guests at their wedding."

He then added: "This wedding is a reminder that even in 2020, romance is still not dead."

The video opens with the set-up process of decorating the TFL carriage and gathering 'guests', who Elvin told Tyla were "a mix of some friends and members of the general public".

The service was a YouTube prank but had all the hallmarks of a real wedding (
YouTube / Elvin Mensah)

Dressed in a smart suit and bow tie, Elvin chats to camera.

"Today, I'm going to get married on the train," he says. "It's gonna be a big wedding - the biggest of 2020. Corona wedding. Hottest in town!"

Faux flower garlands are woven around the hand rails in preparation and violin players stand by as the 'guests' wait patiently.

The 'bride' then comes down the, er, train carriage aisle in a white wedding gown and veil for a full-blown wedding service, occasionally interrupted by the TFL tannoy voice.

Elvin told Tyla: "I've been doing comedy sketches and pranks on London trains for just over a year now and thought a train wedding would be a fun sketch to do in this current climate.

There was wine, flower garlands, speeches and violin players (
YouTube / Elvin Mensah)

"Having a wedding on a train is creative by itself, but doing it in a pandemic and working with all the restrictions around public safety made it more exciting to do."

Talking about the wider message of the prank, Elvin explained the primary motivation was entertainment, but that he also wanted to highlight the many obstacles and challenges caused by the pandemic.

"Aside from wanting to entertain people, the wider message of this video is that we shouldn't let challenges in life, i.e. a pandemic, stop us from moving forward with the things we love doing and turning our obstacles into opportunities," he said.

In his phoney wedding speech, 'groom' Elvin said: "Me and my bride have been having Zoom dates and kissing each other through the phone. We're tired of that now, we want to get married and get locked down together.

Elvin said the wider message of the prank is
Elvin said the wider message of the prank is

"We couldn't just have 15 guests at our wedding, we're far too popular for that. We didn't just want to share this day with friends and family but with you, the beloved general public."

While the 'bride' and Elvin aren't husband and wife in real life, there is a funny tale behind how they met.

"The bride's name is Nikita and she's a mental health pharmacist and dancer," Elvin explained to Tyla.

"Funnily enough I met her on a train in London some time back and we followed each other on Instagram."

The 'bride' and 'groom' then boogied down the train aisle (
YouTube/ Elvin Mensah)

What a sweet back-story! Congratulations to the (totally unmarried) 'bride' and 'groom'!

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Elvin Mensah

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