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You Can Now Get A Camping Chair With A Waterproof Cover

You Can Now Get A Camping Chair With A Waterproof Cover

If you hate rain, this is for you.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We're a nation of campers and festival-goers and as much as the great outdoors is - well, great, we've come to expect our barbecued sausages might come with a side of rain.

That's why we're pretty obsessed with this canopy camping chair, which features a zip-up rain shield for when it begins to shower.

Usually, when the heavens open you're forced to retreat into your tent until the skies clear, but now you can stay put in your chair, sipping on your warm cider all smug and dry from behind your plastic fortress.

We find it weird that it's 2020 and we've never seen one of these before???

The canopy chair features a plastic shield that you can simply zip up when it rains (

According to Argos, The Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair comes with a "canopy-to-ground weather guard that protects you from wind and rain during outdoor events".

The seller adds: "So even if the weather takes a turn for the worse you can still enjoy a comfortable seat.

"The cover features a front zipper closure and weights at the bottom to keep it in place.

"When you're not using it, simply fold the weather guard into the zipper pouches in the canopy.

"The patented canopy transforms into the carry bag and also provides 50+ UPF sun protection."

How clever? (

The canopy chair costs just £30 reduced from £60. You can't really go wrong with a nice 50 per cent off.

Already, campers are loving it.

"Really nice camping chair the seat is spacious and a padded edge under your knees so it doesn't cut in," one said.

They added: "The back is mesh so you don't get to hot. Very easy to put up and down and looks like it will keep mum dry if it rains.

"Handy pocket inside the roof for sunglasses/phone. Really happy with this purchase our only negative is it's quite heavy to carry."

Another reviewer commented: "I have to avoid strong sunshine so this was a great help."

"The seat is excellent for outdoor English do-s!," added another.

You simply pack the chair up and carry it on your back (

Argos's Kelsyus Camping Canopy Chair with Rain Cover is available for £30 online now.

Featured Image Credit: Argos

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