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Mum says she saved £70 a year by swapping out loo roll for rags that 'last years'

Mum says she saved £70 a year by swapping out loo roll for rags that 'last years'

She explained why she made the switch from regular toilet paper to reusable family cloths

It's clear all of us are eager to save a few pennies here and there when we can this winter.

With the cost of living crisis at our door, the impending chilly months and Christmas present purchasing to contend with in the next few months - one mum has provided a slightly outside-the-box way to save money.

The thrifty mum, Frith who goes by the handle @frithonlife online, revealed she saved up to a decent £70 a year simply by swapping out loo roll for rags that 'last years'.

The woman, who regularly posts on TikTok about her 'eco family life' in the Scottish Highlands and is a self-titled 'reusable nappy expert' opened up about why she made the switch from your standard bog roll to reusable 'family cloths'.

The overlay text of the video, which has since clocked up more than 13k views on the platform, read: "Want to save some money? Make the switch to family cloth."

One mum revealed she saved £70 by simply switching from loo roll to resuable toilet paper.

Frith captioned the short clip: "In the last year since making the switch we have saved £77 and that’s with my husband and guests still using paper.

"We’ve had a toilet roll subscription for the last three years so I can easily see how much less we’re using and how much we're saving.

"This will only increase once the smallest toilet trains."

She told her 13.1k followers: "All you need is a set of wipes and a zip wetbag (which you can get for around £10-15), and they’ll last for years."

The woman assured there was 'no need to fear touching' the used cloths.

Frith added: "There is no extra washing as we wash them with our reusable nappies.

"However if you don’t use reusable nappies, they only need a quick rinse cycle and then they can go in your normal laundry wash."

She said the reusable cloths were 'better for cleaning' which is 'especially helpful with children'.

And for anyone out there fretting about handing the cloths once they've been - ahem - used, Frith assures there is absolutely nothing to be worried about.

"There is also no need to fear touching them," she went on. "Simply unzip the bag and pop it in the machine and let it will do all the rest for you."

Frith concluded the informative caption asking her thousands of followers: "Would you consider family cloth?"

Now, while the eco and wallet-friendly tip may not be for everyone - you can't deny it can help add up to a pretty decent saving.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok /@frithonlife

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