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Woman ditches 'gross' toilet roll and admits she uses 'family cloth' instead

Woman ditches 'gross' toilet roll and admits she uses 'family cloth' instead

A woman has said she no longer needs to use toilet roll and instead has a 'family cloth'

A woman has caused a bit of a stir after declaring that she no longer uses 'gross' toilet paper and instead uses something called a 'family cloth' in the bathroom.

She's not the only person to adopt this new type of toiletry as an increasing number of people are going for them as a sustainable and reusable alternative.

Just think about the sheer amount of paper each person goes through wiping their behind over the course of their lives and you'd probably have enough loo rolls to build a large monument to bathroom breaks.

Anyway, TikToker @channonrose1 recently announced that she was doing away with a whole host of things you would normally find in the bathroom and top of the list was toilet paper.

Explaining her decision, she said she and her family now used a selection of reusable cloths which they just stuck in their laundry after having applied them to the relevant areas.

Who needs toilet paper when you have a reusable cloth?

For those wondering if this is as disgusting as it sounds, she did clarify that they used a bidet first and therefore made sure to wash off the vast amount of things you would normally use toilet paper to remove.

She said: "I no longer buy toilet paper. We use reusable toilet paper, some people might think it's gross.

"We have a bidet, it cleans us and then we basically use the reusable toilet paper to wipe dry and we throw this in our laundry, we wash it with our regular clothes.

"I think regular toilet paper is gross, it gets crumbly and stuck.

"I'd rather have water and cloth, I feel like it just cleans better. Reusable toilet paper for the win.

"I made these myself, I cut up washcloths and serge the edges."

She said she made the reusable cloths out of washcloths.

Judging by the comments, the idea of a 'family cloth' is going to take a bit of time for most people to get used to.

One person simply said 'no ma'am', while a second asked if she was 'kidding about the toilet paper right' and a third said they would 'probably not' use this for themselves.

Another said they'd 'wash them separate from my clothing' at the very least before even thinking about making the switch.

Someone else wanted to know what the plan was for guests, and it turns out there is still toilet paper available for them.

Others who were more familiar with a family cloth compared it to 'a towel after showering', as you've washed away as much of the rough stuff as you can so you will need to dry off afterwards.

Another simply said 'bidet all the way', and we appreciate their dedication to mixing positive affirmation with rhyming.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@channonrose1

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