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Woman shares genius trick to make Ugg boots look brand new again in seconds

Woman shares genius trick to make Ugg boots look brand new again in seconds

Her hack will definitely come in handy this winter

For any Ugg boot owners out there - this one's for you.

Whether you're bundling yourself up in toasty scarfs, knitted jumpers or some cosy footwear, many of us can agree there's not much better than wrapping up warm as the months get chillier.

However, I'm sure we all know the absolute mare of putting on your pair of Ugg boots only to find them absolutely ruined by the British weather.

Well, luckily for you, one woman has come to the rescue after sharing her genius trick to make Ugg boots look brand new again in just a matter of seconds.

Phoebe Waites, from Plymouth, took to the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook group to share the nifty little tip that will set you back less than a quid.

While the before and after snaps of the shoes are almost unrecognisable, Phoebe assured they had not been 'photoshopped'.

She wrote: "From seeing the posts about cleaning Ugg boots, I thought I would attempt to bring mine back to life. I am so happy with the result!"

One woman took to Facebook to share her incredible Ugg boot cleaning hack.
Hinch Army Cleaning Tips / Facebook

So, how did she do it?

Well, Phoebe explained she started by stuffing each boot with newspaper to 'reshape' before spraying white vinegar spray over the whole boot suede.

She then used a brush to brush the suede 'gently all over' and told fellow Ugg owners to do it in 'strokes and light circles'.

Next, using a damp cloth, blot the suede all over to 'remove any excess dirt and vinegar' and then leave underneath a radiator to dry.

The before.
Hinch Army Cleaning Tips / Facebook

Once dry, brush the suede and voilà!

"They're super soft again and have held the shape like they're new again!" Phoebe concluded.

Phoebe opted for the Stardrops White Vinegar Spray which is currently retailing for as little as 79p from B&M.

People couldn't wait to share the reactions to the hack with many rushing into the comments to praise the woman and her savvy thinking.

"What kind of sorcery is this?" asked one Facebook user.

The during.
Hinch Army Cleaning Tips / Facebook

A second quipped: "This is amazing!"

"Wow are they really the same boots?" penned a third. "My son bought me a pair for xmas, I have spilt oil on them I'm gutted,

think I'll try this today, thanks for sharing."

A fourth chimed in: "You've done a fabulous job!"

"Definitely doing this," declared a fifth. "They look like new. Thanks for the tips!"

The after.
Hinch Army Cleaning Tips / Facebook

Another joked: "I was half expecting the last step to be 'give up throw, away and buy new ones'. Looks as good as new!"

"Shut up they don't even look like the same pair of boots," gushed a final Facebook user. "They literally look like they are fresh out the box!

"What an amazing job you've done!"


Featured Image Credit: Hinch Army Cleaning Tips / Facebook

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