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Shoppers say Primark has gone 'too far' after debuting new Christmas jumper

Shoppers say Primark has gone 'too far' after debuting new Christmas jumper

The Crimbo jumper has certainly divided opinion

Primark, Primarni, Primarnia - whatever you call it - has just debuted its latest Christmas jumper and it has left shoppers extremely divided.

Many have hit out against the Crimbo-themed jumper saying the major retailer has 'gone too far' with the design, while others clearly can't get enough of it.

One woman took to the Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK page on Facebook to share with fellow shoppers the latest product to be gracing the rails of Primark.

Shoppers are calling out Primark for going 'too far' with their latest Christmas item.
Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

She uploaded a photo of the jumper in question which sees the easily-recognisable signature Primark turquoise with the logo plastered across the chest and a load of brown paper Primark bag illustrations darted along the body and sleeves.

The background has various repeated designs of white geometric snowflakes as well as white and brown zig-zags.

Fastened to the collar of the jumper was a price-tag which priced the item at £16.

"For all you Primarni lovers you know you want one," the woman captioned the post. "£16 is a bargain."

The post has since clocked up more than 500 emoji reactions with nearly 1,000 comments from people eager to share their opinions on the garment.

Many totally loved the Primark-Crimbo cross-over, with one Facebook user writing: "It's on lol I will be finding this."

"Would be hilarious," joked a second.

"I'm getting this," declared a third, while a fourth chimed in: "I would love this!"

The Primark Christmas jumper brought about some very divided opinions.

A fifth even went as far as to offer styling tips for the piece, commenting: "100% essential and will match gorgeously with Uggs!"

"Never a step too far..." stated another. "Not with Primark!"

A few, however, didn't seem to be as obsessed with the jumper, with one user hitting out: "Eeewwwwwwww! Now I like Primarni BUT this is a little bit too much!"

"Wouldn’t be seen dead in this," wrote a second, with a third quipping: "They’ve taken it too far lol."

A fourth remarked: "Although I love Primark, this is a firm NO."

Others seemed more baffled by the price by anything else with one Facebook user questioning: "Who on earth would want a jumper with Primark written on it? You pay them £16 for the privilege of advertising for them!"

"Not a chance!" added another. "If they want me to advertise their name on a jumper, they need to pay me to do it and give me the jumper for free!"

I guess it really does take 'jeans and a nice top' a whole new level.

Featured Image Credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images/Facebook/ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK

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