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Woman shares genius trick that removes limescale from bathrooms in seconds

Woman shares genius trick that removes limescale from bathrooms in seconds

You'll be amazed at how easily this TikTok hack removes built-up bathroom limescale

Sick of battling with your bathroom over limescale build-up that seems to come back quicker than you can get rid of it?

One woman on TikTok has been blowing minds with her simple-yet-effective method for removing bathroom grime caused by hard tap water.

Watch the video below:

The TikToker, known as username, @Kudmari2, who typically posts lifestyle and mini-vlog content, has taken 'CleanTok' by storm with her limescale hack that just seems too good to be true.

The video begins with the text-to-voice function saying "Let's clean my faucet", before the TikToker tears a small sheet of greaseproof paper and scrunches it.

She then using the greaseproof paper to gently buff the faucet and surrounding metal bathroom features. And to viewers amazement, the limescale seems to just disappear with little to no effort.

The limescale seems to just glide away when the greaseproof paper is applied.
@Kudmari2/ TikTok

Those that have seen the video have been left stunned, with one person even commenting: "EXCUSE ME WHAAAAATTTT" whilst another baffled but grateful viewer adding: "This has been the bane of my life. Thank you!!!"

Another TikTok user, @turtlemind was so eager to see if the trick actually worked that she filmed a video attempting the trick, stitching the original content made by kudmari2.

The footage shows her scrubbing at her shower fixtures the same way the original TikToker had and pausing out of astonishment before continuing to scrub the rest of her bathroom.

TikTok user, @turtlemind clearly astonished after trying the limescale cleaning hack for herself.
@turtlemind/ TikTok

However, some viewers were quick to point out that the hack, though timesaving, doesn't effectively remove bacteria like a specially formulated bathroom cleaning product typically would, and suggested alternative, more ecological methods .

One viewer said: "Microfiber cloth, works like a charm and nothing wasted."

Greaseproof paper isn't the only household item that can help scrub your taps free of limescale either, with one user on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page sharing that some condiments can also do the trick.

More specifically, ketchup.

The user wrote: "Thanks to this group I learnt the tomato sauce around the tap trick. OMG it’s amazing mine was terrible. Left it overnight. I just put it all around the base, left it overnight and rinsed it off and cleaned as normal. It was perfect.”

Thanks to it's main ingredients, ketchup is a great household tool for removing limescale also.

Another commented: "Whoever came up with the tomato sauce tap hack, you’re a genius. Have tried everything, and nothing worked like this. No scrubbing, no effort. I’m blown away.”

And it's no surprise that ketchup works as a good cleaning agent though, considering its main ingredients.

As DIY website, The Spruce agrees, saying that 'almost all ketchup recipes contain vinegar and the acetic acid in vinegar works as a mild cleaner to cut through different types of grime'.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok @Kudmari / @Turtlemind

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