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Cleaning expert shares five dirtiest places that everyone forgets to clean

Cleaning expert shares five dirtiest places that everyone forgets to clean

'Neat Caroline' has some tips for keeping often-neglected parts of your home spotless

A cleaning expert has shared five of the dirtiest places that everyone forgets to clean – along with tips on how to make them shiny and new again.

Whether it’s doing the dishes or - my personal hate - changing the bedsheets, cleaning your home is always one of life’s biggest drags.

You can spend the afternoon dusting it top to bottom, only to walk into a room the next day and see if needs doing all over again.

It really is such a thankless task though, isn’t it?

Heaven forfend if you’ve got kids, it just speeds up the process tenfold.

Anyway, it’s better than living in filth and squalor – we’re told – so we have to keep doing it, until the robots can take over and either start doing the cleaning for us or kill us all.

In the meantime, a cleaning expert has hit us with some of the most frequently missed places during cleaning, and there’s some fairly glaringly obvious ones.

Neat Caroline – as she’s known on TikTok – has also offered some handy tips for keeping those often-overlooked places spic and span.

Doorknobs need a good clean, too.


Yes, doorknobs are forever getting grabbed with mucky mitts, and therefore need plenty of cleaning.

For that, Caroline has the following suggestion: “Simply use rubbing alcohol on a paper towel.”

Seems obvious enough.

Yes, even the storage spaces.

Closet floors

We’ve all got places in the house where stuff just lives. Whether it’s under a bed or in a closet, they’re rarely disturbed, and when they are it’s usually full of dust.

Caroline offers a tip for those neglected closet floors, telling us: “Use a dust-buster vacuum cleaner to vacuum up dust bunnies.”

Cleaning with a filthy vacuum seems quite silly, no?

Your vacuum itself

Whilst you’re at it, it’s worth remembering that the vacuum cleaner itself will need a clean from time to time, as shoving a smelly vacuum around your carpets, floorings, and soft furnishings isn’t going to clean anything, is it?

Caroline advises: “For optimum performance, empty the canister after every use and wash the filter under cool water once a month, and let it dry.”

Even the walls might need a once over.

Walls and baseboards

We’re getting into the real hardcore cleaning stuff here, as most people might just occasionally run a duster over shelves and mantels in case there’s a gathering of dust.

But, how often would you clean your walls?

Well, Caroline reckons you should. She says: “Use a magic eraser to remove scuff marks, and in a pinch you can use a dryer sheet to remove dust from baseboards.”

Vents are a popular place for dirt to hide.

Air vents

Air vents might be another one that is often forgotten, but makes complete sense when you think about it.

Of course, it’s letting fresh air in to circulate around the house, so it stands to reason that the cleaner they are, the better the air quality inside will be.

No brainer, really.

Caroline explains: “Use the same dryer sheet to remove dust from each vent.”

There you have it.

Keep to these tips and remember to clean these places, and you’ll have a house that is the envy of all clean-freaks and potentially snooty visitors.

Until you have to do it all again the following week, that is.

Still, it’s nice to have something to aim for, eh?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@neat.caroline

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