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Mum shares three things parents should ban this Christmas to save hundreds

Mum shares three things parents should ban this Christmas to save hundreds

There are three Christmas traditions which can be very costly according to one mum on TikTok

A mum has shared three things parents should ban this Christmas to save hundreds.

As we now have to say our goodbyes to summer, our attention will turn to heating bills amid the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Many Brits are now wondering just when we should start cranking the heating up in our homes, but with bills on our minds, we’re all wondering how we can save some extra cash before the festive season, which can be very expensive.

But now a mum on TikTok has come to our rescue for suggesting an easy way to save us all some cash.

Cash savvy mum @littleloudvoice shared a video on her page about her thoughts on what she thought were the biggest offenders when it comes to wasting money at Christmas.

Some of these items you’ll definitely be happy to get rid of.

"Christmas on a budget this year?" she asked, before listing the three so-called traditions that children ‘don't need to have a magical Christmas’.

The first thing on the list are matching pyjama sets for the entire family.

"Over £50 for a family of 4 matching PJ's! Absolutely not," she shared.

Matching Christmas pyjamas are a no-no this year.
The second thing on the list is a Christmas Eve box for children. Typically parents will fill up a box with goodies, such as sweets and pyjamas, to help them remain patient until Father Christmas delivers their presents the next day.

According to the thrifty TikTok mum, they’re a waste of money and we can totally see her point.

“Fancy Christmas Eve boxes for this price? No way,” she said via voiceover in her video.

The third and final suggestion might make your blood boil, but we should hear her out.

While scrolling through pictures of penguin Christmas lights for sale online, the mum said: “Not to mention the prices of the electricity to run these things. It’s a no from me.”

You may need to tone down the Christmas lights to save money.
Getty Images/Chuck Savage

The TikToker appears to be referring to the big spectacle lights you see in people’s front gardens or on display on the outside of their homes.

After all, most of us wouldn't go so far to ban fairy lights on the tree to save cash.

TikToker users obviously had a lot to say about the mum's tips and Christmas trends, especially the Christmas Eve box.

One wrote: “The Christmas Eve box trend is just ridiculous.”

Another parent added: “They don’t get to wear/use anything for very long.”

A third wrote: “The amount of pressure on parents to do all of this is insane.”

While someone else wrote: “Totally agree on Xmas pjs. There are some ridiculous prices.”

Featured Image Credit: Next/YouTube/@sarah56618

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