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People Are Blinging Up Their Cleaning Bottles And It’s Cute AF

People Are Blinging Up Their Cleaning Bottles And It’s Cute AF

These are extra AF.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

With lockdown giving many of us the time to cleanse, scrub and polish our homes, a new trend in cleaning bottles has emerged - and it's got more sparkle than a Drag Race finale.

Ladies and gents, please don your shades to appreciate the light-reflecting drama of... the blinged-up cleaning product.

Encrusted with glittering gems and colourful rhinestones, these DIY creations are bold, bright and extra AF.

Lover of glitz @BlingThing_x coated her Febreeze bottle in candy coloured rhinestones (
Instagram @BlingThing_X)

They're opinion dividers, for sure, but some people can't get enough of them.

Incredibly, cleaning fanatics are painstakingly placing each individual rhinestone onto their favourite cleaning products, such as Febreeze and Zoflora, to create their very own studded and sequined custom edition.

The trend was born back in February, when Khloe Kardashian shared snaps of herself posed with some super bedazzled Febreze bottles, in a paid partnership with the cleaning brand.

Khloe captioned her post: "The best ever. I've used @Febreze Fabric on my bed for years. Try it out and let me know what you think?"

The ad - and its blinged bottles - drew a love-hate response from the reality star's followers.

"I want bedazzled cleaning supplies!" wrote one enthusiastic commentator.

"NEED!" commented another.

A third was eager to source some bling bottles, asking: "Where did u get diamanté encrusted Febreeze bottles?!"

Essex's Queen of Clean Mrs Hinch followed in Khloe's footsteps with a bedazzled bottle of Febreeze (
Instagram / @MrsHinchHome)

Others, meanwhile, were a lot less keen.

"Why would they bedazzle a bottle?" despaired one.

Another commented witheringly: "Khloe Kardashian doing a brand deal for febreze is exactly how my 2020 is going so far." Ouch.

Essex's Queen of Clean Mrs Hinch followed suit, with her bestie Stacey Soloman going to the effort of making her a replica jewel-encrusted Febreze bottle.

Sharing the sparkly creation on her Instastories, the cleaning influencer gushed: "It's so pretty guys! Yes I feel like crying. I'm too scared to hold it. I feel like it's a really famous bottle."

Abbie Lawrence, a member of the Facebook Group Zoflora Addicts, decorated her Zoflora bottle with golden gems (
Abbie Lawrence)

Now cleaning enthusiasts are following in Mrs Hinch's footsteps, creating their own bedazzled bottles from home during lockdown.

Abbie Lawrence, a member of the Facebook Group Zoflora Addicts, shared a snap of her Zoflora bottle laden with carefully placed golden rhinestones.

"I've got problems," she joked, captioning the image. "I sat and did that for myself."

Meanwhile, lover of glitz @BlingThing_x sells custom beglittered cleaning products and tools via her Insta account.

Her bling Febreeze is coated in baby blue and candy pink rhinestones, and shoppers can order a sparkly bling Zoflora to match.

"It takes a lot of patience," said the bling enthusiast.

"My tips would be to find the right glue - I use b7000 - as sometimes the glue comes through!

"The same goes for finding the correct rhinestones. I use crafting rhinestones from eBay and Amazon. A pencil picker from eBay is a lifesaver too!"

Want to get involved? You can snap up sets of colourful crafting resin rhinestones from Amazon and a rhinestone picking pencil - which will help you pick up and place those sparkly gems with meticulous precision - from Etsy.

The tube of B7000 glue, meanwhile, can be bought from Amazon.

Happy blinging, everyone!

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Featured Image Credit: @BlingThing_X / Abbie Williams / @KhloeKardashian

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