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Women Are So Addicted To Zoflora They're Literally Hiding Bottles From Their Partners

Women Are So Addicted To Zoflora They're Literally Hiding Bottles From Their Partners

They just can’t get enough.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Ah Zoflora. Sweet, sweet Zoflora. Beloved by Mrs Hinch, the floral disinfectant has been the cleaning product of choice for quite some time now.

The antibacterial spray not only keeps your home squeaky clean, but it also smells like an absolute dream.

And while we've always been fans of the household product, it turns out some people are completely obsessed.

Woman are admitting they've got Zoflora addictions (

A recent post shared on Facebook group devoted to the cleaning product saw a fan ask fellow members how long a bottle lasts them. While some suggested that they got through a bottle in a week, others were getting through one a day.

Posting in Facebook group Hinch Army Cleaning Tips, another woman wrote: "I think I have a problem...

Zoflora users often show off their impressive collections (

"To those of you who use Zoflora, how long does a 120ml bottle last you? For me I'm getting through a bottle around every five days."

Revealing just how bad things had got, she added: "I know I'm slightly obsessed but I think I have a problem? In my defence I do have a large house. Am I making excuses or is this about the right amount?

"Do I need counselling? I find myself hiding the bottles from my husband"

Some people collect all the Zoflora scents (

While another women echoed on Twitter: "Hold up!!!! Please tell me there is a Zoflora addict anonymous group out there I need HELP!!!"

A third said: "Can't stop cleaning the flat because I'm addicted to the smell of Zoflora, thank you Mrs Hinch".

The addiction is real, people.

While Zoflora itself acknowledges the irresistible smell of its products, its bottles do come with a warning.

"Use disinfectants safely," it says. "Always read the instructions before use. Zoflora can be kept for up to two weeks after dilution, whilst still maintaining its germ killing power, both at 1:20 and 1:40 dilutions."

Users are also advised not to let their pets lick or walk on wet treated surfaces.

Plus, it's worth noting that overusing products like Zoflora can be really bad for the environment.

We'll admit, when it smells so dreamy, it's hard not to be addicted to Zoflora. Just make sure you're using it responsibly!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Zoflora

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