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Woman Creates Incredible DIY Floral Wall In Her Bedroom And Wow

Ciara Sheppard

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Woman Creates Incredible DIY Floral Wall In Her Bedroom And Wow

Featured Image Credit: Colette Pringle

When we think of flower walls our minds are drawn to Kim Kardashian West's wedding and the fancy, champagne-fuelled events we seen in the papers.

The backdrop of choice for the rich isn't something you'd expect to see in a home, but one woman has proved it's possible to recreate - for just a fraction of the price.

Credit: Colette Pringle
Credit: Colette Pringle

Colette Pringle, 30, from Reading, transformed a white wall in her bedroom into a flowery haven with the help of her boyfriend - and all it took was a few craft materials.

The cafe worker told Pretty52 that all it took to create was some large pieces of card (with a spongey inner layer), a glue gun, some wire cutters and some fake flowers.

"My boyfriend got some large pieces of pink card with a kind of spongey inner, from Hobbycraft," Colette told Pretty52.

"He cut them all to size around the door frame and light switch. The flowers were bought as big bunches and we cut them off individually with wire cutters."

Credit: Colette Pringle
Credit: Colette Pringle

Colette and her boyfriend then poked the end of the stems through the card into the sponge, carefully using a hot glue gun to fix the flowers in place.

"My boyfriend is really good at art (although doesn't like to admit it!) so he did the majority of the placement and work," said Colette.

The individual pieces of card were then nailed into the wall. "It means that if I come to move then I can take them down and it causes minimum damage to the wall," Colette added.

In all, Colette's flower wall transformation took them around five hours to complete and set the couple back £120, with the biggest cost being the flowers themselves, which she purchased from Hobbycraft.

Colette Pringe who transformed her white hallway into a flowery haven. Credit: Colette Pringle
Colette Pringe who transformed her white hallway into a flowery haven. Credit: Colette Pringle

However, there are cheaper flower options to keep prices down. One option is Ikea's SMYCKA artificial bouquet, costing just £4 each. You'd have to buy a few bunches to complete your flower wall, but they look like they are good quality.

You could also buy individual SMYCKA flowers for 50p, which might be a better option.

BestMall's 180cm Artificial Silk Flower train is another good alternative, and you can buy them on Amazon for £4.21.

Will you be trying this? Looks pretty glam, don't you think?

But Colette's budget home transformation isn't the only one that's caught our eye lately. Last month we were lusting over Katie Blackbourn's incredible mermaid wall created in her daughter's bedroom for under £20:

Credit: Katie Blackbourn
Credit: Katie Blackbourn

Posting on Facebook group, Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK, Katie told awestruck followers that she'd created the look with nothing but some bright paint, free wallpaper samples and wallpaper paste from her local B&M and B&Q stores.

"This project began with the idea of a green/blue theme," the mum told PRETTY 52.

"I went to B&M to look for paint and bought Dulux Feature Wall in Proud Peacock for £14.99. I didn't buy a tester so hoped for the best that it would look as good on the wall as it did on the tin!," she added.


"From there I had no idea what to do next, I just knew I wanted some sparkle. I got some wallpaper samples from B&M and B&Q and took them home to look at with the paint.

"I genuinely couldn't decide on one I liked the most so I decided to cut a few bits and place them together. I love collage and mixed media so I was in my creative element. I tried a few different things and the scales just seemed to click!"


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Ciara Sheppard
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