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Woman Left With Bright Yellow Skin After DIY Face Mask Fail

Woman Left With Bright Yellow Skin After DIY Face Mask Fail

One positive: at least she's locked inside...

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We've all been trying out some DIY beauty during lockdown, but one woman was left red-, errr, yellow-faced after her daughter tried out a homemade turmeric facemask on her.

Jane Darby-Shearing was enjoying a pamper sesh with her 12-year-old daughter Georgia in a bid to soothe some lockdown boredom.

Georgia, who has been spending her free time by getting into at-home skincare, asked her mum if she could try out a turmeric face mask on her, having heard about the spice's beneficial properties.

Anyway, within five minutes of slathering the mixture on her face, Jane was left left luminous yellow.

Sorry, Jane, we shouldn't laugh but- (
Triangle News)

Jane was unable to scrub the mixture off for 24 hours, but was luckily able to see the funny side, even posting the hilarious gaffe online.

"Don't let your daughter make you a face mask containing turmeric for a fun pamper session activity," she wrote on Facebook.

"It stains skin... I look like a Simpson. I hope I gave you all a giggle!"

The 38-year-old explained how her daughter has been becoming interested by DIY skincare while schools have been shut during the pandemic.

"Georgia had seen some things online about the beneficial properties of turmeric," she the mum from Bracknell, Berkshire.

"She had done her own face mask of cinnamon and honey, the week before.

"I'm well aware of turmeric staining so I told her to use an old bowl.

"I wasn't paying too much attention - it's just about finding any way to keep them quiet!"

Jane and her daughter Georgia, 12 (
Triangle News)

Jane added: "I washed it off and the residue left behind made me look like a minion or an emoji! I've got a bit of jaundice around the eyes.

"I was just scrubbing frantically.

"Lots of women have been telling me to use gram flour, oil, yoghurt and milk.

"I had a really bad neck streak similar to what you get with fake tan.

"My face stank of curry, it was disgusting.

"I looked at the bottle of turmeric powder and it looks like more than a tablespoon has gone!"

Jane suspected Georgia may have used more than one teaspoon of the spice! (
Triangle News)

Luckily, social media users have been quick to come to Jane's aid, giving tips for getting the staining spice off her skin.

One said: "Oh my... turmeric takes a while to come off. Try baking soda with a little water or rosewater very gently."

Another commented: "Try rubbing it off with cooking oil!"

A third suggested: "Wash your face with milk now, leave it for a few minutes, and then wash off."

One added: "It's amazing and very beneficial... but needs yoghurt in it to avoid this."

Another social media user found the whole thing hilarious, writing: "I'm literally keeling over here.

"Bl**dy brilliant that's there for a few days, omg.

"Thank you so much for sharing - I'm crying so much my belly hurts."

Let's hope one of these tips works before the lockdown ends or Jane may have to go into hiding for a bit longer!

Featured Image Credit: Triangle News

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