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People Are Sharing Their Quarantine Beauty Fails And You Will Hard Relate

People Are Sharing Their Quarantine Beauty Fails And You Will Hard Relate

We don't know about you, but self isolation is boding badly for our beauty routines.

For many, the prospect of not having to see anyone outside of our immediate family *by order of the government* has been liberating.

Regimes have flown out the window completely: we're forgoing the razors, passing on hairbrushing and, for once, not feeling ashamed about our chipped nails. Pandemics have no time for beauty standards, amirite?


We couldn't even sort ourselves out if we wanted to. Since the Prime Minister impose stricter lockdown measures, all manner of hair, nails and tanning salons have shut, meaning we truly have no option but to embrace our pale skin and let our hair grow to yetti lengths. (Doh!)

For others, no access to hair, nail, tan and lash professionals means we're being forced to perform DIY jobs on ourselves. And it isn't coming without its challenges.

Tyla has rounded up the best beauty fails to come out of the lockdown, from nails to hair - because yes ladies, the struggle is real.

First up there's this woman, who in lieu of a manicurist, attempted to do her own acrylic nails. Ale, forgive us for saying they look awful, but we admire the effort anyway.


Next up is another acrylic DIY job. Anyone who has any experience of acrylic nail glue will have sympathy for this situation. That stuff is a b*tch to get off, especially when it gets on the skin. Jasmine, we feel for you.

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There's this woman who gave us the full go-ahead to take the piss. Tbh, they're not the worst in the world, but they do look like the talons of a Disney villain.

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Now, we don't know whose nails feature in the photo, but we would like to remain 2 metres away from them at all times, regardless of social distancing. Terrifying regrowth.


Pahaha! You can't not laugh at this. Alcohol mixed with DIY beauty is only going to end in tears, or in this woman's case, absurdly long nails.

Perhaps worse than nail disasters, is mess-ups with at home hair dye. Christina clearly fancied doing a little 'something something' to her hair to switch up the monotony of self isolation life, but was horror-stricken when it turned out like this. Girl, we have all been there.


Spare a thought for this person, who decided a late night hair dye session was in order. However, we think she might have forgotten her gloves, after she was left with lurid blue hands.

Don't worry ladies, you'll be back in your favourite beauty establishments in no time. Until then, we bid you good luck.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@jaasminelopezz

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