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Hellmann's Introduces Colourful Vegan Mayo To Brighten Up January

Hellmann's Introduces Colourful Vegan Mayo To Brighten Up January

Are these the most millennial condiments of all time?

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

We've enjoyed headline-snatching vegan sausage rolls and meatless meatball sarnies - and now, Hellmann's has transformed its delicious-tasting Vegan Mayo into four scrumptious pastel hues to celebrate Veganuary.

Pastel-toned vegan mayo? Surely condiments don't get much more millennial than that?

The limited-edition mayos are free from artificial colours and flavours and have been given a pastel makeover by infusing Hellmann's popular Vegan Mayo with a variety of plant-based ingredients.

There are four colours to choose from, starting with a very on-trend millennial pink, infused with beetroot.

Hellmann's will be continue its Veganuary celebrations with The Hellmann's Vegan Rain-Bao Truck, serving colourful bao buns (

The remaining shades are a soft green (made with a touch of basil), blue (spirulina) and yellow, which takes its colour from turmeric.

We can imagine a lot of snap-happy eaters aiming their camera at the rainbow of mayos.

Hellmann's first launched its own brand of vegan mayo back in 2016 over in the US and later introduced the plant-based product to Brits in 2018. Since then, the egg-less mayo has become a bestseller.

The on-trend millennial pink vegan mayo is infused with beetroot (

Traditionally, mayonnaise is made by combining pasteurised egg yolk with rapeseed oil, water, vinegar, salt, sugar and a little lemon juice concentrate.

Hellmann's vegan mayo is made with almost all of the same ingredients, other than eggs, which are replaced with maize starch.

As well as being totally free from animal products, the product contains no artificial colours or flavours, and is gluten free.

Hellmann's pastel yellow vegan mayo gets its colour from turmeric (

Hellmann's will continue its Veganuary celebrations with The Hellmann's Vegan Rain-Bao Truck, a pop-up food truck serving hungry customers plant-powered buns for a bargain £1.00 - all topped with a big drizzle of mayo in a choice of four pastel hues.

The event will take place at London's Boxpark Shoreditch (2-10 Bethnal Green Rd, E1 6GY) on Friday 17th & Saturday 18th January 2020, from 12pm - 6pm.

All proceeds will be donated directly to Veganuary, a charity that aims to build a kinder, healthier planet by educating people about the benefits of veganism.

All proceeds from the sale of Hellmann's bao buns will go to vegan charity Veganuary (

Just like the vegan mayo, the colourful bao buns come in four lip-smacking options:

  • Candied Beetroot Bao: Salt-baked candied beetroot, pickled red cabbage, fried red onion and beetroot mayo
  • Glazed Tofu Bao: Soy glazed tofu, white sesame salad, pickled green chilli and turmeric mayo
  • BBQ Jackfruit Bao: BBQ jackfruit, charred pak choi, spring onions and spirulina mayo
  • Seared Shitake Bao: Japanese spinach, seared shitake mushrooms, Szechuan peanuts and basil mayo.

Whether you're attempting a meat-free January, or are simply a condiments fiend, this is the stuff of foodie dreams.

Featured Image Credit: Hellmann's

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