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People Are Loving Woman's Trick To Stop Friend Wandering Off In The Club

People Are Loving Woman's Trick To Stop Friend Wandering Off In The Club

We're trying this!

We all have one friend who always manages to vanish during a night out. Luckily for us, one TikToker has found a nifty way of keeping a hold of your pal - literally.

Watch the video below:

TikToker @tessk10 shared the hilarious way she makes sure her best pal Hannah doesn't disappear when they're out and about.

The viral clip has been viewed a whopping 20.9 million times and has received 2.7 million likes.

People tagged their friends in the comments, likely the ones who need this hack the most.

One TikTok user tagged their friend and wrote: "PLS THIS IS SO FUNNY I need to get u one of these so u don't end up asleep in the middle of the road again".

Other people shared their own stories of going for a stroll away from the friendship during on a night out.

"I do the same thing because I’m terribly oblivious to everything when I’m drunk," one woman confessed. "These are good friends!"

We all have that one friend who wanders off on a night out (

Another woman theroised: "“people that run off after drinking do it because they KNOW someone will come after them”.

While someone else simply reacted with: "IM SCREAMING”.

And another TikTok account commented: "Smart I needed one of those years ago lol".

We're definitely trying this!

In other TikTok news, a young woman was left surprised when she found a seriously unprofessional voicemail sent to her phone by a staff member at her gym.

TikTok fitness creator @kenyastephh told her followers about the "scary" experience before deciding to expose the staff member and share a recording of the voicemail to social media.

Hear the creepy phone call below:

Posting a screen recording of the voicemail, she wrote: "Friendly reminder to men to please not do things like this. It is VERY scary too many weird things happen.

"I'm sorry for the women and I wish this stuff wouldn't happen. I wasn't in the room for more than 5 minutes and I got the call and I always wear a jacket around my waist to avoid this stuff I was just trying to take some pics before my workout."

She added: "ALSO I'm under as a GUEST on my friends membership."

You can read more about the voicemail here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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