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Woman Shocked As Gym Worker Leaves Woman Unprofessional Voicemail

Woman Shocked As Gym Worker Leaves Woman Unprofessional Voicemail

This is wildly inappropriate.

A young woman was left in shock when she found a seriously unprofessional voicemail sent to her phone by a staff member at her gym.

TikTok fitness creator @kenyastephh told her followers about the "scary" experience before deciding to expose the staff member and share a recording of the voicemail to social media.

This is so creepy! Watch here:

The TikToker first grabbed viewers' attention when she posted a video to her account accompanied by the caption: "I wasn't even at the gym for more than five min today and a worker pulled my phone number from my gym pass and called me and left a voicemail..?"

She continued: "What be wrong w y'all fr. Guys need to understand that it's actually scary to do s**t like that."

When one horrified viewer encouraged her to publicly share the voicemail, she did just that.

The TikTok creator complained about the incident on social media. (

Posting a screen recording of the voicemail, she wrote: "Friendly reminder to men to please not do things like this. It is VERY scary too many weird things happen.

"I'm sorry for the women and I wish this stuff wouldn't happen. I wasn't in the room for more than 5 minutes and I got the call and I always wear a jacket around my waist to avoid this stuff I was just trying to take some pics before my workout."

She added: "ALSO I'm under as a GUEST on my friends membership."

Viewers were disgusted when they heard the voicemail clip, flooding the fitness creator's comments with messages of support.

One horrified viewer asked: "[In] what world did he think this was a good idea."

TikTok viewers were horrified when they heard the voicemail. (

A second added: "That is so out of order. I used to work at a gym as a duty manager. If I found someone doing that I would have them leave immediately."

"Men's brains don't understand the difference between fantasy and reality" commented a third.

Others encouraged the TikToker to use the voicemail to get the staff member fired.

"Report it!!" urged one viewer.

"Get him fired babe!" wrote another.

Putting their minds at ease, the fitness creator assured concerned viewers that the issue had since been dealt with within the gym.

Can men just not??

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - @kenyastephh

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