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Woman stunned over simple trick to get rid of water stains

Woman stunned over simple trick to get rid of water stains

You'll only need a basic household item, too!

A woman has been left stunned after trying a simple cleaning hack to get rid of water stains – joking that her life is now ‘complete’ after finding it ‘actually works’.

We’re all suckers for a good hack, which can help make life so much easier, whether it’s a quicker way to peel potatoes or a nifty trick to stop period pain in just minutes.

Anyone who’s ever tried tackling the bathroom will know it’s an area of particular frustration, as it requires SO. MUCH. SCRUBBING. ALL. THE. DAMM. TIME.

But one TikToker has shared a hack that could leave you with sparkling fixtures with relatively minimal effort.

Riya (@ri1ya) posted a video on her feed recently about the handy trick, writing: “It actually works!??”

In the clip, she explained how she’d seen the idea somewhere and wanted to give it a go.

“If this works, it is gonna make my weekend,” Riya said.

“It’s time for a deep clean. I saw this hack – for the life of me, I cannot remember where I saw it.”

TikToker Riya shared the hack recently.

The hack involves cleaning water stains using a simple kitchen item that you’ll no doubt have stuffed away in a drawer somewhere.

She continued: “You take some greaseproof paper, scrunch it up into a little ball.

“And it’s meant to get rid of those water stains. I am freakin’ complete.”

An amazed Riya – who regularly shares similar lifestyle tips online - added: “This is meant to be one of those five-minute craft hacks... Which ACTUALLY works!

“My life is complete, I am complete!”

Sparkling clean!

Naturally, other TikTokers seemed equally as impressed, with the video racking up 720,000 views and more than 20,000 likes.

One commented: “Omg did it work on the shower screen?? I CANNOT get the stains off I’ve tried everything.”

Many others also suggested their own take on the idea, with some saying they do the same but with newspaper instead.

“Newspaper works too,” one TikTok user explained, with another agreeing: “Newspaper is the original.”

Someone else offered: “Vinegar works really well too and no hard scrubbing involved.”

But Riya replied: “I’ve tried this too but hate the smell.”

Another even put forward an idea to avoid the water stains in the first place, saying: “Also rub a candle on it and then polish it won’t get water stains to start with.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ri1ya

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