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Woman shares bizarre pen hack that ‘stops period pain’ in minutes

Woman shares bizarre pen hack that ‘stops period pain’ in minutes

All you need is a pen or makeup brush - or even a finger

A woman has shared a bizarre hack that ‘stops period pain’ in just minutes – and all you’ll need is a pen.

Watch the hack in action below:

Chrissy Briel, 31, posted the nifty trick on TikTok recently, soon raking in 289,000 likes and a whopping 2.9 million views. (You can sense just how desperate we are to ease those monthly pains, can’t you?!)

She claimed it would ‘stop period cramps in minutes’, saying it was the ‘only hack you will ever need’ to relieve pain naturally.

Sharing a previous comment from a fan who said the tip ‘legit worked’, Briel, from Ontario, says in the video: “There are thousands of women confirming it's a miracle and it works."

It all hinges on massaging a particular point on your ear using a pointed instrument like a pen or even your finger to press down.

Briel's hack uses a reflexology pen - or even just a normal pen.

“Reflexology: the practice you never knew you needed,” Briel continues.

“Take a reflexology pen, take a real pen, take a make-up brush, your finger, whatever...

“This reflexology point right in the ear right here.”

She demonstrates pushing down on a point inside her ear towards the top, instructing viewers to massage this point ‘with medium pressure for three-to-five minutes’.

You then simply do the same on the other ear.

“Same thing, right in behind the ear, 3-5 minutes,” Briel says.

“If you need a little longer, do it. What are you doing anyway? Lying on the bathroom floor, lying in bed? You can do it!

“You need to do it multiple times throughout the day – again, do it!”

You massage the area for 3-5 minutes.

She adds: “I promise you, this works. Send it to your wives, your girlfriends, your sisters, your mothers, chicks tag your besties, spread it far and wide because this is the hack we didn’t know we needed!”

Many users were stunned by the simple - but hopefully effective - idea, and vowed to give it a go themselves.

One commented: "My cramps are so bad... like SO bad I will be crying screaming throwing up at the same time... if this WORKS gurl GURLLL."

Someone else said: "Omg my cramps are so bad gonna try this."

A third asked: "What kinda voodoo is this?"

And others even said they'd already tried it out and could vouch for the hack.

"Ok so I bought this tool and IT WORKED yall," one TikToker wrote.

Another added: "I think it worked!! Didn’t take all the pain away but decreased it significantly!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chrissybriel

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