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Woman leaves people baffled over how she peels potatoes

Woman leaves people baffled over how she peels potatoes

The technique has left people questioning everything they thought they knew

A TikToker known for sharing kitchen and cooking tips has well and truly blown people's minds after sharing a clip of her peeling a potato.

Have you ever really put much thought in to how to peel a potato? Personally, I just grab the peeler and get to work, much more focused on the chips, roasties or mash I'll be devouring than the process of peeling itself.

It's not exactly the most laborious task, but I have to admit, if there's a hack out there that would allow me to get to my finished roasties faster, I'm keen to hear it. This is where TikToker Jenni comes in.

In a clip shared last week, the kitchen guru used a sweet potato to show off her peeling technique.

Jenni showed viewers how she peels potatoes.

Things got off to a fairly standard start as she ran the peeler down the potato, but then she hit her followers with a mic-drop moment: "Did you know the reason why potato peelers swivel back and forth is so that you can not only go down, but forward when you're peeling, so that you can peel the entire thing super fast," she said.

Jenni demonstrated how the swivel of the peeler allowed her to quickly de-skin the potato by moving the kitchen tool back and forth without ever having to stop, saving precious seconds in potato prep.

It's definitely a useful tip, and while a lot of people are grateful for her advice, others have been left entirely baffled at the fact they made it so far in life while only peeling in one direction.

Jenni said the peeler can go both ways.

"At this point am I even cooking right," one TikTok user questioned, before adding: "Lol. Thanks for another great tip!"

Another wrote: "This is why we need cooking classes back in high school! How am I just finding this out at 26."

One person even admitted to having wasted a lot of time being angry because they thought their potato peeler was 'just always loose', with another adding: "I just thought every peeler I got was a little broken."

Some viewers did offer another explanation for the swivel on the potato peeler, suggesting instead it was intended to accommodate both left and right-handed users, though Jenni's video proves that even if that's the case, the swivel still can be used to peel both ways.

Another person countered Jenni's tip by arguing that 'you should never peel anything towards your body', but as long as you're careful and cautious when working with sharp objects, her tip could prove a real time-saver.

Now, pass us the gravy.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jenniabs3

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