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Gran banned grandson from home on Christmas Day because he ‘doesn’t believe in Santa’

Jess Hardiman

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Gran banned grandson from home on Christmas Day because he ‘doesn’t believe in Santa’

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A grandma has revealed she has banned her grandson from her home on Christmas Day because he ‘doesn’t believe in Santa’, having got into a disagreement with her daughter over the matter.


Christmas is supposed to be the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, but realistically it’s never without its dramas.

One grandmother has found herself locked in an argument with family after asking that her grandson doesn’t ‘ruin’ the big day for younger relatives.


The 43-year-old explained that there is a ‘large age gap’ between her eldest daughter and her other kids - the latter of whom still believe in Santa.

"My oldest is 25, that I had with a high school ex,” she explained in a Reddit post.

“Then we separated, and I married my husband much later. My younger two are 9, and 7.”

As her daughter’s son was never told Santa is real, the woman asked her daughter to tell him not to spill the beans for her other children.


"She raised him not with the Santa magic, which is perfectly okay,” she continued.

The grandma had a predicament as her two youngest kids still believe in Santa. Credit: Jill Wellington/Pixabay
The grandma had a predicament as her two youngest kids still believe in Santa. Credit: Jill Wellington/Pixabay

“[I’d] just rather not have it ruined for my children who do believe in Santa.”

However, things got tricky when her daughter refused to get her son to ‘lie’ to the younger children.


“I was having Christmas at my house and I asked my daughter if she’d please talk to her son, because I wouldn’t like the magic ruined for them,” the Reddit user said.

“I still put packages under the tree with ‘from Santa’ on them, and leave out cookies and reindeer treats (bird seeds).

“My daughter told us she wouldn’t make her son lie, and my children are old enough to understand if her son decides to say something.

“I told her if she wouldn’t talk to her son, they could spend Christmas at their apartment. My daughter didn’t like that and said I was choosing my younger children’s happiness over hers, and that I was being completely unreasonable.”


Asking other Reddit users if she was being an ‘a**hole’, she added: “My husband supports me but thinks I might be being a little high strung as our children are getting older. I just want to keep the Christmas magic alive.”

Many people weighed in on the topic, with some admitting they were surprised the eldest of her two youngest kids didn’t know by now.

“Honestly I’m just surprised the 9-year-old doesn’t know by now,” one said.

“Maybe I’m just projecting, but I figured by 8 most would have learned somehow unless it’s a super sheltered upbringing.”


Someone else agreed: “I would be super shocked if those kids didn't already know. If they go to school someone would have dropped the news by now.”

Others also shared their own experiences, with one person commenting: “My older sister and I had our younger sister believing in Santa until she was 12 just for the extra presents under the tree from ‘Santa’ for all 3 of us.

“We had her convinced that the other kids in school were just bad and trying to be mean. We still giggle about it now 23 years later.”

Another wrote: “Kids I went to school with pretended to believe because they thought the presents would halve if they admitted they knew Santa wasn’t real.”

Someone else said: “I was one of those annoying children who think they know everything (and usually did), yet was 9 when my mother took me aside and asked me to not tell my brother Santa wasn't real.

“I styled it out but that was the first I was hearing that.”

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Jess Hardiman
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