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New Free-To-Use Water Splash Park Is Opening In The UK This Month

New Free-To-Use Water Splash Park Is Opening In The UK This Month

We couldn't ask for better timing!

A brand new free-to-use water splash park is set to open its doors later this month, just in time to help you cool off from the UK's soaring temperatures.

As a heatwave continues to scorch the UK, Britons are on the hunt for new ways to chill out. Because, let's face it, sometimes the fan just doesn't cut it.

Thankfully, Harlow Council in west Essex have got the solution, after revamping the Staple Tye paddling pool facility to create a splash park, providing a new facility for families to visit.

The new splash park is set to open this month in Harlow, Essex.
Harlow Council

While the large pool in the Staple Tye facility has been converted into the colourful splash park with water arcs, streaming showers, water curtains, water jets, and more, the small pool has been kept as a paddling area.

The splash park will stand on bright-coloured non-slip flooring, with artificial grass on the outskirts and a new perimeter fencing, making it the perfect for little ones to play.

Equipment has been installed in an effort to make the water facility more energy-efficient and cheaper to run on a daily basis.

Plus, Harlow Council have confirmed that there will be no standing water left in the pool overnight meaning it can be thoroughly cleaned before the following day’s opening.

The park will also have paddling pool facilities.
Harlow Council

New ramped approaches, enhanced steps, and nine perimeter benches will also be added during construction to improve the park's accessibility.

Construction work, which first kicked off in March, is set to wrap up as early as next week (18 July), when work will begin to fill up the paddling pool.

Then, get your swimming costumes and towels packed because the first-of-its-kind splash park is due to open on 22 July. Just in time for the summer break!

An amber alert for extreme heat is already in place for both Sunday 17 and Monday 18 July, when temperatures could exceed the current record of 38.7ºC.

Temperatures are expected to skyrocket this weekend.

Speaking about the heatwave this week, the Met Office's deputy chief meteorologist Rebekah Sherwin said: "Warm weather is likely to continue throughout this week and it looks likely to ramp up late this week and into early next week.

“From Sunday and into Monday, temperatures are likely to be in excess of 35ºC in the southeast, although the details still remain uncertain.

"Elsewhere, temperatures could be fairly widely above 32ºC in England and Wales, and in the mid-to-high 20s Celsius further north.”

Get us into that new splash park, pronto!

Featured Image Credit: Harlow Council

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