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People disgusted after seeing what uncooked microwave popcorn looks like inside the bag

People disgusted after seeing what uncooked microwave popcorn looks like inside the bag

Many have said popcorn has now been 'ruined' for them thanks to the 'cursed' image

People have been left disgusted after seeing what uncooked microwave popcorn looks like inside the bag, saying the ‘cursed’ image has now been etched in their minds.

Someone’s even made a video of it, too:

While microwaves are equipped with see-through doors so that we can check on our food as it cooks, it’s probably fair to say we rarely remember to actually do so – as anyone who’s ever had to mop up an exploded bowl of soup or lava-hot porridge that’s erupted over the bowl will know all too well.

Thankfully, popcorn is one of the few things that actually tells you when it’s done, as the giveaway sound of the corn kernels popping open begin to slow down.

It always feels like magic seeing the tiny folded bag you placed inside emerge as this puffed-up balloon filled with hot, buttery popcorn.

One person was so impressed by this kitchen alchemy that they decided to delve further into the process, opening the bag up to reveal the uncooked innards.

You can't beat a bowl of popcorn on the sofa.
Jan Vašek/Pixabay

And frankly... it’s WEIRD.

Posting the snap on Reddit a few months back, the user wrote: “What microwave popcorn looks like inside the bag.”

Along with more than 36,000 upvotes, the post attracted 1,300 comments – many of which were from people who felt absolutely disgusted.

Thanks I hate it,” one said.

Another wrote: “Ew. Imagine eating it like that lol.”

Someone else commented: “This almost ruined popcorn for me. Almost.”

A fifth also said: “I did not realize how unsettled I'd feel seeing what inside a bag of unpopped popcorn looks like. Truly cursed.”

The 'cursed' image left people feeling disgusted.

One grumbled that they’d ‘just ruined popcorn’, while another added: “How in the hell did I never think to open up a microwave popcorn bag and look inside in my whole damn life? Now that I see the inside I prefer to go back to thinking magic things happen inside.”

Mind you, some people thought the image was pretty ‘cool’, having realised they never even knew they’d been curious to see it.

“That is cool I never thought of microwave popcorn would look like that,” one wrote, with another saying: “So that's why it’s usually evenly distributed butter when it’s popped.”

A third added: “Weird. You made realize this is something I've been curious about for a long time. I'm not sure why I never opened a bag up to check for myself.”

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/swooooot / Jan Vašek/Pixabay

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