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McDonald’s customers obsessed after fan favourite returns to the menu

McDonald’s customers obsessed after fan favourite returns to the menu

We may have lost the Chicken Big Mac, but a certified crowd pleaser is back on the menu

McDonald's fans, rejoice - the golden arches are spoiling us lately with new menu additions and the return of a trusty crowd-pleaser.

The announcements have been coming thick and fast, giving us more excuses to grab a cheeky Maccies on our lunch break.

Recently, there have been changes to the iconic Happy Meal, the opportunity for a meal deal for as little as three quid, and, perhaps most exciting of all, they launched 'Surprize Fries'. By buying medium or large fries, customers can win a range of prizes, including festival tickets, limited-edition merch and cash, simply by peeling a sticker on the box.

McDonald's have been spoiling us lately. (Anna Barclay/Getty Images)
McDonald's have been spoiling us lately. (Anna Barclay/Getty Images)

There has also been new additions to the menu, as well as the removal of some favourites to make way for the update, which launched on 29 May.

The new items include the Chicken Sharebox - which has six chicken selects, 12 chicken nuggets and four dips - for £10.59. Or you can opt for the nine Chicken Select Sharebox for £8.49.

There's also a brand new burger hitting the menu.

Dubbed 'The Hat Trick', is made up of three beef patties, two slices of cheese, grilled onions, mustard and ketchup - within a glazed sesame seed bun.

A medium meal will cost £7.69, or £5.89 as a single item.

For those with a sweet tooth, you can enjoy a Skittles or Galaxy Caramel McFlurry for £2.19, or a Galaxy Chocolate and Raspberry Pie for £1.99.

We are so back. (McDonald's)
We are so back. (McDonald's)

But by far the item customers are most excited for is the return of cheap and cheerful fan favourite.

I am, of course, talking about the mozzarella bites. Yep, they've hit the menu again at the cost of £2.39.

People are truly ecstatic to have them back on the menu.

One person wrote: "I need these!"

Another praised them as "delicious".

But of course, all good things come at a cost.

'The Hat Trick' burger is brand new. (McDonald's)
'The Hat Trick' burger is brand new. (McDonald's)

There's a fair few items no longer available - and just in case you didn't know what they are, sorry in advance for breaking your heart:

  • Quarter Pounder Deluxe - £4.89
  • Quarter Deluxe Medium Meal - £6.59
  • Chicken Big Mac - £4.69
  • Chicken Big Mac Meal - £6.49
  • Cheese & Herb Melts - £2.89
  • Cheese & Herb Melts Sharebox - £7.09
  • Biscoff McFlurry - £1.99
  • Biscoff McFlurry mini - £1.59
  • Galaxy Caramel Pie - £1.99
  • Biscoff Frappe - £2.99
  • Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry - £1.99
  • Galaxy Chocolate Mini McFlurry - £1.59

Though, I'm sure an order of some mozzarella bites will make up for it.

Featured Image Credit: Anna Barclay/Getty Images/Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

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